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David Green | May 28, 2015
Avago Technologies today (Thursday 28th May) announced its intention to acquire rival semiconductor company Broadcom in a $37 billion deal. Broadcom is one of the major players in wireless charging semiconductors and is members of all three technology alliances – the WPC (Qi), PMA and A4WP (Rezence).
David Green | May 26, 2015
Qualcomm Technologies Inc and Daimler AG announced a strategic collaboration on Saturday 23rd May in developing wireless charging technology for automotive applications. This includes both in-car charging for consumer devices using Qualcomm WiPower technology, and the possibilities of wireless electric vehicle charging using the Qualcomm Halo WEVC technology solution. No timeline has yet been given for any likely introduction of either technology into the Daimler vehicle lineup...

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Offers detailed and insightful analysis on the downstream solar market. The wide-ranging research—covering solar system installation, PV market potential, and impactful government policies—is designed to provide the most comprehensive market intelligence into this rapidly developing industry.
Identify and maximize near and long-term opportunities across the industry with unrivaled market research.
Provides a detailed and accurate view into the established, growth and emerging solar markets. Whether you are a new entrant in the market or looking to grow your...
Offers the most detailed and accurate view into the established, growth and emerging power supply markets available. It enables customers make important strategic business decisions by helping them understand key market trends, the drivers behind developments in the power supply markets and the impact that current trends could have on future market growth.
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Comprises all of IHS offerings on the PV module supply chain in one single subscription package. With detailed and accurate data on the photovoltaics raw material
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  • Frank Xie | May 29, 2015
    IHS is publishing its fourth edition of the only industry report on the China PV inverter market in May 2015. With its commitment to reduce air pollution and support its domestic PV industry, in 2014, the Chinese government continued its support for the PV industry, yet with less than 4 GW of ‘distributed PV’ (DPV) systems completed, the ground-mount market remained the mainstream of the domestic PV market, contributing over 9 GW of installations.
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  • Jacob Pereira | May 01, 2015
    The smart water network service brief is an attempt by IHS to expand the offering beyond the meter itself into other areas that are important to meter manufacturers and component suppliers. While the usual timeline of an IHS research report is much longer, this report was undertaken with a one-month
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  • Roz Euan-Smith | April 30, 2015
    In recent years energy efficiency has risen up the global agenda, and many countries are implementing large-scale smart meter roll-outs to meet energy targets. These smart meter roll-outs are creating market opportunities for demand response-enabled smart home energy management devices, such
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  • Josefin Berg, Lauren Cook | May 08, 2015
    This report reveals who the leading PV system integrators (EPC’s) are worldwide, and presents details of their planned PV installation pipeline over the next 2-3 years. It is updated every quarter and includes...
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  • ​Christine Beadle | April 29, 2015
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  • Lauren Cook | April 29, 2015
    The Solar Deal Tracker –UK offers comprehensive database coverage of downstream project activity in key end-markets in the UK. This frequently updated database provides detailed information for both completed and planned projects. Clients can monitor projects by installer, project developer, market segment, city, installation type, and other important criteria—in a simple online dashboard format. The completion status of all pipeline projects are tracked across various stages, from pre-planning to application approval, to projects currently being installed. This allows projects currently at ‘shovel-ready’ status to be monitored in real time.
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  • Michael Markides | March 12, 2015
    This brief covers the Water Utility management Conference. This is the first time for IHS to attend the Water Utility Management Conference, which was held in February of this year in Austin, Texas. The conference attendance was about 750 people, with over half being water utility managers from across
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  • Michael Markides | February 20, 2015
    This is a conference brief covering the 2015 Distributech show held in February in San Diego. The Smart Utility team highlights the show and provides updates on key smart utility markets.
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  • Jacob Pereira | January 19, 2015
    This is a review from the IHS analyst team that attended the European Utility Week in Amsterdam in November 2014. The brief reviews the show in general, and then offers analyst perspective on smart utilities, the smart home, and regulatory changes affecting the electric utility industry in Europe.
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  • Icon Senior Research Director, Power & Energy
    Ash Sharma is the Senior Research Director for the IHS PV Research Group overseeing the entire group’s activities in this field and leading a team of analysts based in the UK, US and China. Ash has been involved in research for more than 10 years and joined IHS in 2004, being an active commentator on the industry since then.
  • Icon Associate Director, Solar Supply Chain and Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a manager for the power & energy group at IHS, leading its research on the PV inverter, BOS and energy storage markets. Sam has also been responsible for researching the PV module and polysilicon supply chain, working closely with leading global suppliers to develop detailed analysis on these markets.
  • Icon Associate Director, Solar Supply Chain
    Stefan de Haan is an associate director for the power & energy group at IHS, leading its research on the polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module markets. He is a founding member of the solar market research group and has built up the IHS Solar Photovoltaics Industry Market Tracker.

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