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New User Interface for IHS Teardowns

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Outsourced Manufacturing of LCD TVs Loses to In-House Production

Fewer liquid-crystal display television (LCD TV) sets were outsourced to contract manufacturers in 2012 than in 2011, the result not only of increased internal production by barnstorming Chinese and South Korean TV brands, but also because TV brands relying on the outsourced model—particularly the Japanese—lost ground. Based on the node of production involved, LCD TVs made by outsourced manufacturers saw their share dip last year to 32.2 percent, down from 35.4 percent in 2011. In comparison, the share of LCD TVs made in-house rose to 67.8 percent, up from 64.6 percent. While only a few points of gain or loss are involved, the movements are deemed significant because each production node—whether outsourced or in-house—is strongly defended.

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Thomas J. Dinges, CFA
Pegatron factories cited for violating working conditions

The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and other major media outlets are reporting that China Labor Watch (CLW) has cited one of Apple’s major outsourced manufacturing partners, Pegatron, for violating Chinese labor and environmental laws at several of its factories. Some of these violations are similar to those that were cited at other suppliers over the past few years.

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Component Health Watch CHW - April 2014

IHS Component Health Watch (CHW) is an annual subscription that reports the health status and outlook of the overall supply and demand environment for major electronic components on a monthly cadence. CHW is a collaborative effort by IHS analysts who research the complete semiconductor eco-system from component end use to the supply of raw materials and their impact on component price and lead times.

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Component Price Tracker CPT - April 2014

Component Price Tracker (CPT) is an annual service that provides current pricing and price forecasts across the three major global regions for high-volume, multi-sourced electronic components. The IHS Component Price Tracker examines the most representative part descriptions per component group on a monthly basis.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Carries Astronomical Bill of Materials, IHS Teardown Reveals

The latest member of Samsung’s wildly popular line of Galaxy smartphones ups the ante on features—and on cost—with the S5’s discrete-intensive design yielding a high bill of materials.

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Microsoft Xbox One Hardware Cost Comes in Below Retail Price, IHS Teardown Reveals

The combined hardware and manufacturing cost of Microsoft Corp.’s new Xbox One amounts to $471, suggesting that Microsoft is subsidizing the cost of the video game console at the time of...

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Ted Scardamalia

Ted Scardamalia brings more than 40 years of engineering and systems design experience to the IHS materials & cost benchmarking team, where he is a director. Prior to IHS, Ted was...

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Andrew Rassweiler
Andrew Rassweiler

Andrew Rassweiler manages the cost benchmarking services at IHS, which includes the teardown service as well as Component Price Tracker™, and Component Health Watch™ services...

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