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Jamie Fox | September 29, 2015
A recent series of three reports from IHS found that the needs for lighting vary greatly by sector. Security is a significant watchword in transportation, increasing sales is important in retail and the up-front and lifetime costs of installation, electricity and maintenance is critical in office environments. Each of the following three areas offers a similar opportunity, but each requires different marketing strategies to win:
Benjamin Niu | September 28, 2015
In May 2014, the National Healthcare and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) launched the ‘Excellent Domestic Medical Device Selection’ program. This is the first government approved open selection of domestic medical devices in China in order to form the ‘Excellent Domestic Medical Device’ catalog. In such a large potential medical electronics industry, fighting for more market share for local brands will always be a core focus of the Chinese government creating an increasingly challenging environment for multinational suppliers.

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Entering its second full year, the IHS access control intelligence service is taking analysis to another level. This year IHS will provide not only its primary analysis on the equipment market (readers, panels, credentials, software and electronic locks) but will also be providing additional analysis on wireless devices, open standards and protocols, project size among many other analyst insights available only to subscribers.
The IHS Critical National Infrastructure Intelligence Service brings you the analysis, data and insight to make informed strategic decisions in the critical national infrastructure physical security market.
This three-module generators database research package is the first of its kind, and offers coverage into at least seven different market segments and three major regions. Five year forecasting by market segment aids educated decisions yielding future rewards.
Reach new markets, improve product negotiations and capitalize on new technology trends in healthcare.
The role of packaged LEDs is expanding in today’s world. From their traditional usage in consumer products, they are now found in growing list of applications including automotive and residential lighting. As this expansion provides avenues for new growth opportunity, the market becomes more competitive and dynamic. To thrive in this swiftly changing environment, you’ll need market information from a trusted, experienced source.
The IHS Lighting Intelligence Service provides a one-stop solution for unrivaled detail, insight and trends analysis for the lighting market. The service is delivered online through an interactive TRAX database tool, traditional reports, excel analysis, market briefs, and a LED Lamp monthly price tracker.
Leveraging our existing industry leading automation research, IHS is now offering highly detailed research within the mechanical components market. This Mechanical Components Database will provide detailed market insight for a set of five mechanical product groups. For this 2015 edition, the five product groups covered include couplings, mounted bearings, un-mounted bearings, brakes and clutches, and belts and chains.
The Mobile Radio Intelligence Service provides continuous coverage of the global Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market, including report coverage of LMR, DMR, TETRA, LMR Infrastructure, and LMR Accessories, as well as competitive market shares, executive ppts, and Trax interactive databases.

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This multi-module package of prime mover databases with commentary offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging technologies and geographic regions, enabling executives to make better business decisions and maximize growth opportunities.
Building on previous successful reports on these markets, this four module database research package provides comprehensive analysis of existing and emerging trends. Forecasts provide insight to market opportunities and market share estimates are provided for leading suppliers by geographic regions and vertical markets.
This research package includes four separate modules that provide market sizing, 5-year forecasts and sub-regional market share analysis for key respiratory markets. Each module includes quantitative analysis, supported by a qualitative assessment of the market, from macro-healthcare trends to market-specific factors. Please click on PDF to get more information on the markets covered.
The Security Vertical Applications Intelligence Service provides the analysis, data and insight to make informed strategic decisions across numerous end-user markets. The service provides a series of dedicated vertical market reports, analyzing both the supply and demand side of...
The Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) Intelligence Service will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen. It will offer a one-stop information source that filters reality from all the hype, and offers an unbiased and realistic view of the implications for different industry stakeholders.
Building on previous successful reports on these markets, this database research package offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging trends, presenting detailed insight for multiple geographic regions and vertical markets, enabling you to make better business decisions and maximize growth opportunities.
IHS Technology is the recognized leader of market intelligence to the global video surveillance industry and major research provider to all 15 of the world’s largest video surveillance equipment suppliers. From IHS’s first publication of the core CCTV & Video Surveillance report in 2003, the portfolio has expanded to an offering of over 15 annual studies and the new Video Surveillance Intelligence Service.


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  • Elizabeth Mead | September 25, 2015
    This is the third edition of the IHS report dedicated to the market for LMR infrastructure and system integration. Previous IHS reports have included subsections on infrastructure components but this report solely focuses on infrastructure equipment and system integration, recognising this market has its own unique value chain.
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  • Understanding the Market Opportunity
    Paul Bremner | September 25, 2015
    The safe cities market is still relatively new, however, awareness of the safe city concept has grown and continues to increase. Cities are now looking beyond simply deploying video surveillance cameras and looking at ways they can improve their overall situational awareness by integrating additional technologies into their command and control rooms.
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  • Programmable Logic Controller
    Daisuke Muto | September 16, 2015
    This study examines the worldwide market for PLCs. This report aims to quantify, and provide executives with an up-to-date, comprehensive, description of the market. The report will also identify trends that will impact the market over the next five years.
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  • Nicola Goatman | October 02, 2015
    IHS is pleased to announce the publication of the global ultrasound clinical application market forecasts. 5 year growth rate forecasts are provided for 20 clinical applications at a sub-regional level. Key country markets are also broken out in this year’s forecasts.
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  • Paul Bremner | October 01, 2015
    Included in the Critical National Infrastructure CNI Intelligence Service is a database of current and projected major construction projects. This database is updated every two months from the list of major construction projects that form part of the Executive Overview for countries analysed by IHS Country & Industry Forecasting.
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  • Paul Bremner | October 01, 2015
    Included in the Security Vertical Applications Intelligence Service is an index of select current and projected major construction projects. This index is updated every two months from the list of major construction projects that form part of the Executive Overview for countries analysed by IHS Country & Industry Forecasting.
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  • Kevin Schiller | September 18, 2015
    The following webinar for the Low-voltage Drives Intelligence Service provides an overview of the LV drives market, outlining historical performance, current profile, and future outlook.
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  • Thomas Lynch | July 30, 2015
    IHS is recognized worldwide for its high quality market research reports in the wireless communications field. IMS Research (acquired by IHS Inc.) has been producing research on the mobile-radio market for over ten years and current customers include all the leading suppliers to this market.
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  • Jack Kent | June 26, 2015
    In this presentation given at the SID Display Week Conference in San Jose, IHS Mobile analyst Jack Kent analyses the current state of the wearables market, how apps create new use cases and business models, and looks at the challenges faced by wearable app developers. This presentation also looks at what content has taken an early lead for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.
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  • Icon Prinicipal Analyst, Video Surveillance
    Jon Cropley is a principal analyst in the IHS video surveillance and security services group. He joined the company in 2001 and has authored numerous syndicated research reports since...
  • Icon Director, Medical Technology
    Shane Walker manages the Medical Technology research portfolio at IHS. Shane’s current medical technology coverage areas include telehealth, medical displays, healthcare IT, sports monitoring and other wearable technology.
  • Icon Director, Critical Communications
    Thomas Lynch is an director for IHS critical communications group. The groups PMR coverage includes TETRA, P25, TETRAPOL, DMR, NXDN and dPMR, covered across the key vertical segments of public safety & security, utilities, military, transport and industrial.
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