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Ricky Park | February 22, 2015
The year 2014 had been a meaningful and remarkable year for the display industry. For the first time in four years, LCD fabs around the world ran above 90% of their full capacity. Panel prices started to rebound in the first half amid various demand-push factors. In results, many panel manufacturers began to see their profitability improving, which in return helped lift their stock prices.
Sanju Khatri | February 19, 2015
LED video displays have finally moved to the mainstream signage and professional displays market. This was evident at Integrated Systems Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, where most of the display brands showcased their new LED video display products in an effort to seamlessly cater to both indoor and outdoor applications.

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  • Ricky Park | March 02, 2015
    This report analyzes notebook brands' panel supply chain and sourcing quantity in order to help map out business strategies and provide forecasts. The report can also help ascertain the direction of future business development...
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  • Ricky Park | February 27, 2015
    his comprehensive report on the TV panel industry is for clients who want information only on the TV panel market. All the TV panel market information is provided in just one report...
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  • Ricky Park | February 26, 2015
    This report updates the status of fab management, production, shipment, and inventory. It also provides a monthly forecast for all LCD panel makers for the next three months...
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    With more than 10 years of industry experience, Duke Yi is leading a display parts and materials research team at IHS Technology. His team researches on display parts, chemical materials, and the touch panel industry, and has published more than 30 different kinds of reports.
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    Jae Shin is the Senior Director of Displays Research and Product Management in the IHS Technology group. At IHS, he oversees several of display research teams including Display Materials & Component, Intellectual Property, Emerging Display Technologies, and is responsible for commercial operations for all displays research activities.
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    Ricky Park joined IHS in 2001 as an analyst and he is now director of the LCD research team at IHS Technology. His team publishes more than 15 syndicated reports, covering the large-area TFT-LCD panel market and all applications using larger-sized panels.