WEBINAR - Scaling security at the Internet edge with stateless technology

Led by: Jeff Wilson, Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity Technology
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Led by: Jeff Wilson, Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity Technology 

Presented by: IHS Markit Technology Group and NetScout



As the scale of all types of attacks continues to increase, traditional stateful perimeter security devices like firewalls often strain to keep up. Adding stateless technology between the firewall and the Internet router, armed with advanced reputation and threat intelligence data, can decrease the heavy load on your existing perimeter defenses, protect them from state exhaustion attacks, and even provide blocking of outbound threats (like bots communicating with C&C). This webinar will explore the realm of stateless technology and the Internet edge, with best practices, lessons learned, and key deployment strategies that will prepare attendees for a future of increasing and diverse attacks.

Who Should Attend

Enterprise security buyers, and managed service providers offering managed security services. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.

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