WEBINAR - Satellite Backhaul: Debunking Misconceptions

Led by: Richard Webb, Director, Research and Analysis, Service Provider Technology
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Led by: Richard Webb, Director, Research and Analysis, Service Provider Technology
Presented by: IHS Markit Technology Group and Gilat  


Fiber and microwave dominate the mobile backhaul market as primary technologies for connectivity. However, despite their widespread usage neither is always available, affordable, or the best solution. Satellite backhaul, long considered as delivering insufficient performance or as being too expensive to be widely adopted, has stepped up to become a capable and economical solution, changing the game for LTE backhaul. This webinar challenges some of the satellite-backhaul myths and preconceptions, highlights its current performance characteristics, and gives implementation examples of recent tier-1 operators. These use cases will demonstrate the viability of satellite and show that it is often the preferred choice for various applications of 3G and LTE mobile backhaul–not just the last option when terrestrial solutions are not feasible.

Who Should Attend

Mobile Network Operators, Fixed Line Operators, Transmission or Transport Networks and Services professionals, Financial/Equity Analysts and Industry Media.

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