WEBINAR - Are Modular Central Inverters the Optimum Solution for Utility-Scale PV?

Led by: Sam Wilkinson, Senior Research Manager, Solar and Energy Storage
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Led by: Sam Wilkinson, Senior Research Manager, Solar and Energy Storage

Presented by: IHS Markit Technology and Fimer Group


Historically, central photovoltaic (PV) inverters have been the dominant type used in utility-scale applications globally, with over 41 GW shipped in 2016 alone. In recent years, central inverter suppliers have faced increasing competition from string inverter suppliers that have increased shipments across key global markets. As a result, central inverter suppliers have continued to innovate by increasing power density, implementing new technology such as 1500V, and increasing efficiency to improve energy yields. Furthermore, some leading central inverter suppliers have designed modular units that offer the best of both worlds: a decentralized design within a central inverter, which offers redundancy and limited losses due to downtime. This webinar explores how the central PV inverter has evolved to date, highlighting real-life examples, sharing IHS Markit forecasts for the market’s development, and answering questions about how some of the biggest challenges are being overcome by a modular central inverter design concept.

Who Should Attend

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) personnel, independent power producers (IPP), energy regulators, distributors, installers, municipalities, developers, financial investors, energy companies, utilities and balance of systems (BOS) partners. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.

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