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The explosion of mobile data underscores the need for faster, more efficient mobile networks. LTE is peaking, 2G and 3G continue to decline, and 5G is on the horizon. Understanding the future of mobile connectivity, the IoT and smartphones is vital for all operators, media companies, equipment and software vendors, and component suppliers engaged in mobile.

Access comprehensive analysis and data on the mobile backhaul, microwave, small cells and carrier Wi-Fi markets with our expansive coverage of today’s mobile infrastructure.

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  • Stelyana Baleva, Stéphane Téral | February 07, 2019
    In January, Ericsson announced it is taking substantial measures to fix its struggling Business Support Systems (BSS) business, including the booking of provisions and restructuring charges of SEK -6.1 billion ($687 million) during Q4 2018. Ericsson has been pursuing a cost reduction and portfolio modernization strategy in an attempt to turn its Digital Services business into a profitable one, and it has reported some progress in the OSS and Cloud Core areas of the Digital Services portfolio—but none in the BSS area.
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  • Michael Howard | February 04, 2019
    IHS Markit recently surveyed 25 leading telecom operators about the following four digital transformation technologies: operator priorities for automation; target use cases and drawbacks of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects; qualities and hindrances of blockchain; and open-source software versus standards.
  • Stéphane Téral | February 01, 2019
    Despite a wave of travel warnings issued by several Western countries, I made it in and back safely from China without any troubles. Surprisingly enough, I was warmly welcomed by the Beijing International Airport immigration officers and I have to say that I was impressed by the smooth process made possible by the implementation of new kiosks that take care of fingerprints and pictures prior to meeting an immigration officer. And when I left China, the security guards liked my Huawei badge and showed their deep appreciation by giving their thumbs up.
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In-depth, global coverage of macrocell and small cell mobile backhaul, mobile fronthaul, microwave and millimeter wave (mmW) equipment, vendors and operators.
Global, detailed coverage of mobile infrastructure equipment and software, including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), 5G, small cells, centralized RAN (C-RAN) and self-organizing networks (SON).
Global, detailed coverage of the market trends and conditions affecting telecom and mobile operators, including revenue, investment, outsourcing and the global economy.
Global, in-depth coverage of service enablement (OSS/BSS), analytics, AI (machine/deep learning), customer experience, revenue management and managed services.


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  • Wayne Lam | January 24, 2019
    The global 5G transition is poised to take place at a faster pace than any previously wireless generation transition. The industry has been moving in lock-step as a common technology standard drives carrier adoption and capital investment in 5G network technology. ...
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  • Michael Howard | January 23, 2019
    Our second report examining telco digital transformation focuses on four technology areas: automation, which is the key to digital transformation, operator plans for using AI and ML, blockchain applications for telecom networks, and the role of open source software versus standards
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  • Stéphane Téral | December 21, 2018
    Part of our new Telecom Digital Transformation Intelligence Service, this report analyzes the status of OSS modernization strategies executed by communications service providers (CSP) including cable and satellite operators, mobile and fixed telecom service providers (e.g., telcos), and virtual mobile operators (MVNOs). This report constitutes the third and last component of our 2018 telecom digital transformation practice and closes the loop with our two other studies including 5/11/18 Digital Transformation Strategies Service Provider Survey - 2018, and 6/27/18 BSS Strategies Service Provider Survey - 2018.
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  • Icon Director – Research and Analysis, Service Provider Technology
    Mr. Richard Webb, director of research and analysis at IHS Markit for Service Provider Technology, is a visionary thought leader in the telecom industry.
  • Icon Executive Director – Research and Analysis, Mobile Infrastructure & Carrier Economics
    Mr. Stéphane Téral is the executive director of research and analysis and an advisor for Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics at IHS Markit.
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