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The explosion of mobile data underscores the need for faster, more efficient mobile networks. LTE is peaking, 2G and 3G continue to decline, and 5G is on the horizon. Understanding the future of mobile connectivity, the IoT and smartphones is vital for all operators, media companies, equipment and software vendors, and component suppliers engaged in mobile.

Access comprehensive analysis and data on the mobile backhaul, microwave, small cells and carrier Wi-Fi markets with our expansive coverage of today’s mobile infrastructure.

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  • Stéphane Téral | May 11, 2018
    Back to the annual pilgrimage to the Brooklyn 5G Summit! This year was the fifth, and you can certainly expect the sixth Summit in 2019 to be renamed 6G as this topic was a major lunchtime discussion Wednesday April 25 and Thursday April 26. Organizer and emcee Ted Rappaport, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New York University (NYU) Tandon School of Engineering and founding director of NYU Wireless, has already agreed to rename it 6G. Clients, please log in to view the full content.
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  • Stéphane Téral | May 09, 2018
    Despite unabated need for service providers to outsource non-core tasks, 2017 was marked by slower growth in the service provider outsourcing market. Worldwide revenue reached $67 billion last year, an increase of just 1 percent over 2016.
  • Richard Webb | May 07, 2018
    The carrier Wi-Fi equipment market continued to grow in 2017, driven by ongoing broadband demand and a strong role within the 5G era. Revenue reached $626 million for the full-year 2017, increasing 1.3 percent from the prior year.


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In-depth, global coverage of macrocell and small cell mobile backhaul, mobile fronthaul, microwave and millimeter wave (mmW) equipment, vendors and operators.
Global, detailed coverage of mobile equipment, software, services and subscribers, including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), emerging 5G, voice over LTE (VoLTE), centralized RAN (C-RAN) and self-organizing networks (SON).
Global, in-depth coverage of service enablement (OSS/BSS), analytics, AI (machine/deep learning), customer experience, revenue management and managed services.
Global, detailed coverage of the market trends and conditions affecting telecom and mobile operators, including revenue, investment, outsourcing and the global economy.
Complete coverage of urban, rural/remote and enterprise indoor and outdoor small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and carrier Wi-Fi offload gear.


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  • March 22, 2018
    Quarterly scheduled briefings with the analysts on research highlights from all aspects of the mobile infrastructure market.
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  • March 02, 2018
    Quarterly scheduled briefings with the analysts on research highlights from all aspects of the mobile backhaul and microwave market.
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  • Gerrit Schneemann | December 11, 2017
    The day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, known as Black Friday, kicks off the shopping season towards the end of the year, followed by Cyber Monday on the Monday after Black Friday. As a segment, smartphones are not the focus of the promotional events during this weekend. The biggest deals focused on Buy-1-Get-1 and trade in offers for flagship devices like the new iPhones and Galaxy devices.
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  • Icon Director – Research and Analysis, Service Provider Technology
    Mr. Richard Webb, director of research and analysis at IHS Markit for Service Provider Technology, is a visionary thought leader in the telecom industry.
  • Icon Executive Director – Research and Analysis, Mobile Infrastructure & Carrier Economics
    Mr. Stéphane Téral is the executive director of research and analysis and an advisor for Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics at IHS Markit.
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