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Constant change and convergence continues quickly in the mobile market with tight integration needed among hardware, operating systems, app stores and over-the-top services, creating new challenges for established telecom operations. What’s more, the mobile ecosystem is increasingly complicated, making long-term product planning difficult.

Gain the critical information needed to track value chains, business models and the competitive dynamics within today’s highly complex mobile environment with our focused coverage of digital security, IoT, M2M, smart cities, wearables and more.

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  • Michael Howard | February 04, 2019
    IHS Markit recently surveyed 25 leading telecom operators about the following four digital transformation technologies: operator priorities for automation; target use cases and drawbacks of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects; qualities and hindrances of blockchain; and open-source software versus standards.
  • Gerrit Schneemann | January 29, 2019
    Nokia is making a return to the North American wireless carriers with announcements in the US and Canada. The Nokia brand, under new ownership of HMD Global, has been gaining momentum in the global smartphone market over the last year – shipping about 4.2m units globally in Q4 2018. For 2018, Nokia shipped about 15.1m units, according to IHS Markit preliminary smartphone data, up 63% year-over-year.
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  • Jun Wen Woo | January 24, 2019
    Tencent has revealed plans to integrate its voice-enabled digital assistant Xiaowei into its flagship messaging app WeChat. The integration will allow WeChat’s more than 1 billion active users to perform tasks such as playing music and hailing rides via voice command within the app. However, no further details on either the launch date of Xiaowei on WeChat or how many services it will support were revealed at the time of the announcement. In addition to revealing that WeChat has reached 1 billion daily active users during WeChat’s annual conference held in Guangzhou on 9 January 2019, Tencent unveiled 2019 plans to focus on developing mini programs by expanding the company’s advertising inventory, as well as adding a video-sharing feature to WeChat.
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Subscription Services

Complete perspectives and insight into the cellular IoT market, including up-to-date forecasts and detailed reports on key market topics and trends. Insights guided by IHS Markit end-to-end mobile perspectives across the entire telecom market.
"Must have" analysis of the major consumer technology platforms and ecosystems and how they are transforming the digital world.
The lone source for comprehensive coverage of the connectivity technologies used for IoT, covering more than 25 connectivity technologies in 34 IoT application segments.
A key challenge facing IoT developers and adopters is the complexity inherent in creating and managing IoT applications. IoT platforms are software and services that reduce this complexity by abstracting away from developers and users many of the horizontal features and functionality common to IoT applications across a range of use cases and verticals. However, there are hundreds of IoT platform vendors currently. This intelligence service sizes and forecasts the IoT platform market, and provides an assessment of the strategic issues and trends impacting the market.
Critical research on MEMS sensors used in smartphones, wearables and consumer electronics. Coverage includes shipment and revenue forecasts; market share and ASP information; and industry overviews of historical performance, current profile and future outlook. Also offers detailed examination of key technologies and applications, such as light sensors, motion sensors, MEMS microphones and fingerprint sensors.
One of the major challenges facing cities today is the increase in worldwide urban population, and the inevitable strain this puts on city systems and resources. This service examines provides complete and thorough assessment of the various technologies, major players and overall market dynamics underlying smart cities, which are emerging in response to an increasingly urbanized world dealing with scarce resources.
IHS Markit smartphone research is different. We deliver comprehensive smartphone data, down to specific models and component categories, providing you with the detailed insight and data you need on the rapidly evolving global smartphone industry.
In-depth analysis and historic data and market forecasts for the smartphone market globally and by country. Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium delivers detailed data on smartphone shipments by OEM as well the active installed base of smartphones by feature, down to model level. The reports in this service provide actionable recommendations based on these unique data sets.

Also included are insights and analysis on topics such as augmented/mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), 5G, gigabit LTE, machine learning and AI in smartphones, and voice assistants.


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  • February 21, 2019
    These case studies examine selected smart city projects around the globe. Each case study provides a current snapshot of the project while analyzing its impact and relevance to the smart cities and IoT market.
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  • Noman Akhtar | February 20, 2019
    The IHS Markit smart city project database has grown to include more than 900 projects in beyond 400 cities. As governments around the world grow more familiar with smart city concepts, more municipalities are embracing them ... .
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  • Julian Watson | February 04, 2019
    IHS Markit has developed a series of case studies analyzing the implementation of IoT across a range of verticals, such as agriculture, healthcare, logistics, smart home and many others.
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  • Sam Lucero, Christian Kim | February 21, 2019
    Up-to-date, global forecasts on cellular IoT connections and cellular IoT module shipments as well as insight into the cellular IoT competitive environment.
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  • Julian Watson | February 21, 2019
    The IoT Devices Market Tracker provides clients with the most current estimates and forecasts on the IoT market. The IoT Market Tracker database includes a wealth of quantitative data, including annual historic and forecast data for equipment shipments, installed base, and connectivity penetration ...
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  • Julian Watson | February 11, 2019
    The IoT Vertical Market Sizing Tool is designed to measure connectable or IoT device shipments across key verticals, applications and regions for IoT. Beginning with our Q2 2017 edition, we sized five verticals: Connected & Smart Home, Personal IoT, Connected Car, Medical IoT and Industrial IoT. We added Smart Cities in Q3 2017
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  • Jun Wen Woo, Tom Morrod, Jack Kent | April 30, 2018
    This presentation, delivered by IHS analysts Jun Wen Woo at Broadband TV Connect Asia and Tom Morrod at Connected TV World, analyses the video strategies of leading technology platforms including Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon,Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Line and Kakao.
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  • Gerrit Schneemann | December 11, 2017
    The day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, known as Black Friday, kicks off the shopping season towards the end of the year, followed by Cyber Monday on the Monday after Black Friday. As a segment, smartphones are not the focus of the promotional events during this weekend. The biggest deals focused on Buy-1-Get-1 and trade in offers for flagship devices like the new iPhones and Galaxy devices.
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  • November 27, 2017
    The US retail sales phenomenon known as Black Friday extends through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and into Cyber Monday, offering substantial savings for customers and a chance for retailers to put year-long sales into ... .
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  • Icon Research Analyst II, Mobile & Telecoms, IHS Markit
    Abel Nevarez, a research analyst at IHS Markit, covers mobile network infrastructure trends and activity.
  • Icon Sr Research Analyst, Smartphone
    Gerrit Schneemann has been following the location based services and applications market for the last six years. As part of the Portables & LBS service, he has followed the rise and decline of the portable navigation device (PND) market and is now focusing on how location has become an integral part of the mobile value chain.
  • Icon Research and Analysis Director, Smartphone
    Jusy Hong is responsible for mobile device, networks and media in the Asia Pacific. He covers mobile handset shipment, production, technology, & media trends as well as companies' strategies.
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