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With capital equipment markets slumping the past few years, most suppliers have had to undergo large cost-cutting measures to remain competitive, including rounds of employee downsizing to reduce operating costs. For market leaders, maintaining—or even expanding—market share will remain a high priority, as market growth is expected to remain subdued for the foreseeable future.

Track all the M&A happenings and more with our in-depth data and analysis on 3D printing, generators, machinery, motor-driven equipment, switchgear and turbines.

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  • Peter Taylor | March 21, 2018
    Growth is forecast to return to the mining industry in 2018 and has led to an increase of re-processing waste materials to extract metals or minerals that were previously overlooked.
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  • Matt Tolley | February 14, 2018
    This insight discusses the future impact of Emmanuel Macron's pledge to shut down all coal fire power plants by 2021. The focal point of this insight is the European generators market with secondary analysis on European power generation and oil and gas markets.
  • Teik Chuan Goh | February 12, 2018
    A complimentary webinar discussing the key findings from the Q3 update and the outlook for machinery production globally.


Subscription Services

The generators research package is split into five databases: low power; medium power; high power; wind generators; and generator sets. Each database includes a stand-alone PDF and excel file. The excel pivot tool and accompanying tables and figures offer ultimate flexibility when using the data.
The Industrial IoT Intelligence Service delivers quarterly reports with detailed analysis of key trends and supplier activity in addition to monthly newsletters highlighting key developments and the Factory of the Future series of reports.
Complete research on the semiconductor market for industrial electronics, including competitive analysis on top suppliers and purchasers. Also includes in-depth analysis of key industrial products categorized by revenue, unit, ASP forecast and typical semiconductor BOM.
In the current economic climate, making the right decision is crucial. In an ever changing market, utilizing proper guidance is paramount. This multi-database motor-driven equipment research package with commentary offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging technologies and geographic regions, enabling executives to make better business decisions and maximize growth opportunities.
This research package, consisting of multiple databases with insights, offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging technologies and geographic regions,with market sizing, market shares and forecasts.
This research package, consisting of multiple databases with insights, offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging technologies and geographic regions, with market sizing, market shares and forecasts.


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  • Robbie Galoso, Tom Hackenberg | May 21, 2018
    Semiconductor device trends in machine vision. Semiconductor units, average selling price and revenue forecasts for various types of machine vision equipment.
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  • Alex West, Rita Liu | May 15, 2018
    This market tracker, launched by IHS Markit Manufacturing Technology Group in January 2018, analyses performance of leading global industrial automation suppliers and summarizes key industrial events that the team attends. This tracker will provide a regularly updated viewpoint of industrial automation supplier performance and leading event analysis.
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  • Alastair Smith | May 03, 2018
    Following on from IHS Markit’s 2015 report we are pleased to offer a 2018 update. The report discusses the tank protection product market and the challenges faced following a turbulent 3 years. From plunging oil prices to surging United States shale output the global oil landscape is changing and having a significant impact on the tank protection products market.
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  • Teik Chuan Goh | May 21, 2018
    These are the latest quarterly updates of the Americas, Asia Pacific and European Machinery Production Market Trackers. Together they provide a comprehensive overview of machinery production around the world.
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  • Switchgear Research Package
    Brian Arbuckle | May 16, 2018
    Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (LV MCC) Database – 2018 is one database from the ‘Switchgear Research Package’, which covers switchgear product groups. The data scope provides insights into the market for LV MCCs by industry and region; classification; configuration; busbar voltage rating and current; communications protocol (NEMA and IEC); enclosure type as well as vendor market shares.
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  • Nitin Sharma | May 10, 2018
    In-depth quarterly market tracker that provides comprehensive evaluation of the global Industrial Automation Equipment market. The market tracker includes a detailed overview of the major equipment markets within this sector for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), the Americas, China, Japan and Rest of Asia.
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  • November 30, 2017
    This presentation is a review of the 2017 Smart Cities Expo World Congress (SCEWC) event held in Barcelona and attended by the IHS Markit Smart Cities team. The brief covers the main topics and trends emerging from the show and provides an analysis of selected news announcement released during the show.
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  • Michael Markides | February 14, 2017
    This report discusses the key takeaways from the 2017 Distributech Conference, which took place January 31 - February 2, 2017, in San Diego, California.
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  • Claudia Portugal | November 22, 2016
    This presentation is a review of the 2016 European Utility Week event held in Barcelona and attended by the IHS Markit Smart Utilities Infrastructure team. The brief covers the main topics of the show: software and services, connectivity and IoT and power grid solutions.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Manufacturing Technology
    Alex West is a Principal Analyst for the Manufacturing Technology Group at IHS. With over fifteen years of experience, he has produced numerous syndicated and custom research projects, and consumer surveys, covering a range of electronics products in both the industrial and consumer space.
  • Icon Research Director, IoT Connectivity and Smart Cities
    Jenalea Howell is the Research Director of the IoT Connectivity and Smart Cities team within IHS Technology with a major focus on industrial IoT. She has more than eight years of research and consulting experience covering industrial automation markets with a narrowing focus on energy efficiency, industrial IoT and smart manufacturing before joining the IT & Networking team in early 2016.

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