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Analysis and data upon the emerging smart home market including services and revenues, smart home automation devices and the broader home networks landscape

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  • Dinesh Kithany, Tom Morrod | February 03, 2016
    Based on various demonstrations and announcements made at CES 2016, especially in the North Hall, I would re-christen the term “Internet of everyThing (IoT)” to “Internet In Everything (IiE),” as companies are now excitedly including Internet connectivity into every product they can. Here are some examples of not-so-new innovations in home appliances at CES 2016:
  • Paul Erickson | February 03, 2016
    CES 2016 brought considerable focus upon major CE vendors continued efforts to dominate the still-nascent but growing smart home market. Of note in the lineup of products being offered by various companies was the lack of any cohesive strategy or tangible product delivering the audio portion of the connected/smart home experience, whether that would be for entertainment or for unified audio output of notifications (doorbell, alarm, cooking, etc.). This absence only serves to underscore Sonos’ quietly well-situated position within the high end of the growing smart home market, strengthened in particular by a move late last year.
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  • Dinesh Kithany | February 03, 2016
    Haier has been persistent in its attempts to acquire GE Appliances business. Keeping in mind the current volatility of the home appliance market the effects of the acquisition of GE Appliances by Qingdao Haier are many. Following are possible outcomes in the U.S. and global home appliance markets, if this acquisition receives regulatory approval:
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  • Marianne Boust | February 08, 2016
    This presentation summarises the most important trends in the global energy storage markets, providing a focus on the technology and regional mix. The presentation was delivered by Marianne Boust at the ACI’s ‘Energy Storage 2016’ conference in Paris on 3rd February 2016.
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  • Marianne Boust | January 21, 2016
    This presentation summarises the most important trends in the global energy storage market and highlights where the biggest opportunities are for energy storage to be installed in the United Kingdom. The presentation was delivered by Marianne Boust at the Renewable Energy Association’s ‘Energy Storage – The New Market Dynamic’ conference in London on 20th January 2016.
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  • Sam Wilkinson | November 20, 2015
    This short presentation was given by Sam Wilkinson to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Energy Storage at Portcullis House, London. It is intended to provide a quick high level summary of the current status of the global energy storage market.
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  • Icon Director, Connected Home
    Daniel Simmons plays an integral role in developing the company’s TV Technology Intelligence service. His knowledge base is centered on customer premises equipment markets such as set-top boxes, television sets, conditional access and middleware.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Connected Home & Smart Home
    John Kendall is a senior analyst within the Consumer Electronics group. Building on his history of research in digital television, IP video distribution, set-top boxes, and TV technology, John is involved in researching the worldwide markets for home networking, broadband consumer premise devices and smart home technology.

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