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The world is going digital, driven by near-ubiquitous connectivity, continually decreasing costs in processing and sensor solutions, and the internet’s ability to facilitate communication among electronic devices. In addition, we’re all trying to navigate IoT—a technological evolution based on how connected devices can enhance communication, automate complex industrial processes, make cities and homes smarter, and provide a wealth of information for processing into useful actions aimed at making our lives easier.

Be equipped to take advantage of the IoT’s many exciting opportunities with our thorough analysis and data on wired and wireless connectivity technologies. Coverage encompasses the role of high-speed and low-power connectivity, the impact on cellular M2M markets and the ecosystems, software and services that need to be in place to realize the IoT’s full potential.

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  • Paul Bremner | November 20, 2017
  • Alex West, Sam Lucero | October 26, 2017
    On 18 October 2017 Apple and GE announced a partnership to enable development of apps that integrate with the GE Predix industrial IoT platform. Apple and GE introduced a Predix software development kit (SDK) for iOS to enable developers to build industrial applications that leverage the Predix platform’s analytical tools.
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  • Pablo Tomasi | October 24, 2017
    Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs (Sidewalk) and Waterfront Toronto announced plans for the creation of Sidewalk Toronto, an ambitious smart city development plan in Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. Sidewalk Toronto will be a testbed for the deployment of digital technology along with innovative urban planning adapted around peoples’ needs with goals in sustainability, affordability, new mobility, and economic growth. The project will start with the creation of a testbed neighbourhood at Quayside and will eventually scale up to the rest of the Eastern Waterfront.


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Complete perspectives and insight into the cellular IoT market, including up-to-date forecasts and detailed reports on key market topics and trends. Insights guided by IHS Markit end-to-end mobile perspectives across the entire telecom market.
Detalled look into connectivity technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, FM and Ethernet. The expanding world of connected devices is more diverse as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate multiple connectivity technologies in a widening range of consumer and enterprise devices alike.
The lone source for comprehensive coverage of the connectivity technologies used for IoT, covering more than 25 connectivity technologies in 34 IoT application segments.
Close tracking of the key metrics for relevant players in low-power wireless systems and technologies. Individual technologies vary in their adoption by application area, with some being more suited to specifc applications than others. The service explores the market for a range of key low-power wireless technologies and their adoption in each application area.
One of the major challenges facing cities today is the increase in worldwide urban population, and the inevitable strain this puts on city systems and resources. This service examines provides complete and thorough assessment of the various technologies, major players and overall market dynamics underlying smart cities, which are emerging in response to an increasingly urbanized world dealing with scarce resources.
The Smart Manufacturing Intelligence Service - Annual delivers quarterly reports with detailed analysis of key trends and supplier activity in addition to monthly newsletters highlighting key developments and the Factory of the Future series of reports.


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  • Jenalea Howell, Julian Watson, Sam Lucero | November 21, 2017
    This scorecard examines the vendor landscape for providers of merchant Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs), a subset of the larger Internet of Things (IoT) platform market.
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  • Julian Watson | November 09, 2017
    This Industrial IoT Market Brief has been developed by a team of analysts specializing in smart manufacturing devices, connectivity and business models, IoT technologies and platforms, sensors and data transmission, related areas such as cloud, analytics, AI, robotics and 3D printing and IHS Markit’s vertical experts in across manufacturing, energy, maritime, agriculture and chemicals.
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  • Pablo Tomasi | November 07, 2017
    This Smart City Profile is one of a series produced as part of the IHS Smart Cities Intelligence Service. These dedicated studies are designed to complement the group’s already extensive research portfolio by providing in-depth analysis on market development at the individual city level. These profiles provide a valuable bench-marking tool for clients active in the global smart cities market.
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  • Lee Ratliff | October 26, 2017
    Quarterly analysis around low power technologies that enable M2M systems and products
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  • Pablo Tomasi | October 20, 2017
    The Smart Cities Project Tracker is updated on a quarterly basis, and contains information on approximately 400 smart city projects around the world. All these projects use integrated information and communications technology (ICT) systems to improve efficiency, manage complexity and enhance citizen quality of life, leading to sustainable improvement in city operations.
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  • Formerly Connectivity in Consumer, Mobile & IT Market Tracker
    Christian Kim | October 03, 2017
    The expanding world of connected devices is becoming more diverse as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate multiple connectivity technologies in a widening range of both consumer and enterprise devices...
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  • Icon Senior Director, IT and Networking
    As Senior Research Director for the IT and Networking group within IHS Technology, Bill manages the core strategy, personnel, research, analysis, and commercial planning for the division. Currently, Bill’s primary focus is Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Icon Research Director, IoT Connectivity and Smart Cities
    Jenalea Howell is the Research Director of the IoT Connectivity and Smart Cities team within IHS Technology with a major focus on industrial IoT. She has more than eight years of research and consulting experience covering industrial automation markets with a narrowing focus on energy efficiency, industrial IoT and smart manufacturing before joining the IT & Networking team in early 2016.
  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, M2M and IoT
    Sam Lucero is a seasoned industry analyst with over 15 years of experience analyzing telecommunications and networking technology markets. For over a decade, he has researched the markets for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
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