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Market insight and analysis on wired and wireless connectivity technologies and the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

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  • Lee Ratliff | May 20, 2016
    Nest Labs Inc. has recently released its Thread software as a free, open source stack available to any developer via GitHub. While the Thread standard has been open since the 1.0 version was released in July 2015, this is the first time a Thread stack has been made available as open source software. Having an open source alternative is a major milestone for any networking protocol, but this is even more significant for Thread because of its provenance – it was developed by Nest, the driving force behind Thread, along with contributions from a number of companies with deep experience in wireless networking.
  • Sam Lucero | May 17, 2016
    In late April 2016 Samsung Electronics launched its “ARTIK Cloud” for IoT devices. Unlike Samsung’s previously announced SmartThings Open Cloud, which is targeted at smart home applications, the ARTIK Cloud is meant to be application-agnostic across the IoT landscape. The ARTIK Cloud complements Samsung’s previously announced family of ARTIK modules in an attempt to create an ARTIK “ecosystem” for IoT application developers.
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  • Sam Lucero | March 21, 2016
    Network slicing – as a utilization of NFV, SDN, and distributed data centers – enables a single physical network to be used for many different use cases and applications; it is, essentially, a technique to allocate separated logical “slices” for varied purposes. Each slice is a virtual network using a subset of resources of the physical network. These slices are deployable in automated and flexible ways via software. Using SDN and NFV technologies, a separate slice can be set up for each of a wide range of IoT applications. Importantly, network slicing gifts mobile operators with flexibility, speed, and fine-grained network optimization.
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Market forecasts on wireless technology adoption, highlighting key shifts that will occur in the high-speed wireless landscape, focused on Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Classic and Smart Ready Bluetooth®.
This service, combining strategic analysis and real-time forecasts, provides clients with the insight needed to make critical business decisions and maximize growth opportunities in the burgeoning IoT market.
Provides accurate analysis and deep insight of the key metrics of relevant players in low-power wireless systems and technologies.
In recent years, the demand and expectation for connectivity has expanded beyond consumer devices market, with companies and governments worldwide investing in technology to enable similar communication capabilities in their various assets, machines, and equipment. This trend has led to the rapid growth of the cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Given the rising use of M2M in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare to utilities, this market presents a significant opportunity for companies that have a thorough understanding of its current dynamics and future outlook.
One of the major challenges facing cities today is the increase in worldwide urban population, and the inevitable strain this puts on city systems and resources. This service examines how cities around the world are implementing new, connected technology solutions to cope with these challenges, and provides insightful analysis to technology providers in the smart city market.
The Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) Intelligence Service will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen. It will offer a one-stop information source that filters reality from all the hype, and offers an unbiased and realistic view of the implications for different industry stakeholders.


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  • Alex Green | May 27, 2016
    This document is intended to serve as a product guide for the IHS Technology Internet of Things Connectivity Intelligence Service. This product builds on research data from across the entire IHS portfolio of electronics research, including cellular, short-range wireless, broadband, and semiconductor reports.
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  • Roz Euan-Smith | May 09, 2016
    One of the major challenges facing cities today is the increase in worldwide urban population, and the inevitable strain this puts on city systems and resources. This report examines the market for internet-connected devices used in smart city projects, referred to in this report as ‘smart city devices’,
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  • Overview of the 2015 M2M Module Market
    Sam Lucero | May 04, 2016
    This report provides a focused examination of the cellular M2M module market for 2015. This report provides estimates of total cellular M2M module shipments and revenues in 2015 segmented by application, region and air interface standard.
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  • Bill Morelli | May 27, 2016
    The IoT Connectivity Market Tracker provides clients with the most current estimates and forecasts on the IoT market. The IoT Market Tracker database includes a wealth of quantitative data, including annual historic and forecast data for equipment shipments, installed base, and connectivity penetration ...
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  • Lee Ratliff | April 14, 2016
    Quarterly analysis around low power technologies that enable M2M systems and products
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  • Christian Kim | April 07, 2016
    The expanding world of connected devices is becoming more diverse as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate multiple connectivity technologies in a widening range of both consumer and enterprise devices...
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  • Paul Bremner | April 07, 2016
    Light + Building, the world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building service technology, saw new records set in the number of visitors, the number of exhibitors, and the area occupied. I attended the fair for three days along with my colleagues, Alice Tao and Mike Hornung.
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  • Roz Euan-Smith | November 06, 2015
    This presentation highlights the top market trends the 2015 Smart Cities Week event which took place on September 15-17 in Washington, D.C. The presentation also provides our key takeaways from the show and discusses what these issues suggest about the future direction of the smart cities market.
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  • Sam Lucero | March 13, 2015
    This presentation highlights the top M2M news and information that you need to know from the 2015 Mobile World Congress show which took place on March 2-5 in Barcelona, Spain. The presentation also provides our key takeaways from the show and discusses what these issues suggest about the future direction
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  • Icon Senior Director, IT and Networking
    As Senior Research Director for the IT and Networking group within IHS Technology, Bill manages the core strategy, personnel, research, analysis, and commercial planning for the division. Currently, Bill’s primary focus is Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, M2M
    Sam Lucero is a seasoned industry analyst with over a decade of experience analyzing telecommunications and networking technology markets. He has spent the last seven years assessing...
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