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Telecom operators must address a wide range of ever-changing consumer, financial and technological requirements in order to maintain and grow their business prospects. From the adoption of mobile devices to building multiplay strategies to enabling M2M, operators need deep visibility into trends and strategies to build and execute.

Obtain in-depth coverage of the economics and technologies that are influencing operators and service providers around the world with our continually updated market data, forecasts and analyst insights.

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  • Stéphane Téral | December 11, 2018
    As a warm up for Thanksgiving festivities, Huawei pulled off its ninth Global Mobile Broadband Forum, an extraordinary two-day event at ExCeL London with a total of 2,200 attendees and participants, 57% more than last year’s event, which was also in London. Although it’s not yet at the level of the SalesForce.com event that gathered 170,000 attendees in San Francisco last September—one-fifth of the city’s population—Huawei remains by far the only company in telecoms that has the capability, resources, and capacity to organize such a big event with a C-level league of speakers. Clients, please log in to view the full content.
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  • Paul Erickson, John Kendall, Marianna Angelou, Richard Webb, Merrick Kingston | November 28, 2018
    US telecommunications equipment maker CommScope will acquire Arris, in a $7.4B deal valued at $5.69 billion, with the difference comprised of CommScope’s assumption of Arris’s debt. As part of the deal, the Carlyle Group will make a $1M equity investment in CommScope for an approximate 16% stake in the new company. CommScope’s CEO Eddie Edwards has claimed the two companies’ product lines are complementary, and that the combined company will “enable end-to-end wired and wireless communications infrastructure solutions that neither company could otherwise achieve on its own.” The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2019.
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  • Sivalingam Muniandi, Jun Wen Woo | November 27, 2018
    KDDI and Rakuten have announced an agreement to utilize each other’s assets in telecommunication, payment and logistics to improve customer experience and further strengthen their competitiveness in these fields. The deal will allow Rakuten to use KDDI’s network to enter the mobile market, while KDDI can make use of Rakuten’s payment and logistics infrastructure.
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Complete perspectives and insight into the cellular IoT market, including up-to-date forecasts and detailed reports on key market topics and trends. Insights guided by IHS Markit end-to-end mobile perspectives across the entire telecom market.
"Must have" analysis of the major consumer technology platforms and ecosystems and how they are transforming the digital world.
Full analysis of emerging markets and the fast-rising digital audience around the world, with forecasts for over 100 countries. Metrics cover all parts of a multiplay offering, including mobile, pay TV, fixed broadband and voice.
Global, detailed coverage of the market trends and conditions affecting telecom and mobile operators, including revenue, investment, outsourcing and the global economy.
The IHS Markit TV & Online Video Intelligence Service - Premium provides key metrics for video distribution across TV and online video platforms for over 100 individual countries and eight regional totals, offering clients the most complete picture of video consumption available.
Critical research that leverages long-standing relationships with operators in over 70 markets, resulting in the only truly comprehensive source of television market intelligence available anywhere in the world.


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  • Christian Kim | December 13, 2018
    In recent years, the cellular IoT module market has been experiencing exponential growth. The purpose of the report is to provide general overview of the eight major M2M module vendors that have been contributing to this explosive growth.
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  • Stéphane Téral | December 13, 2018
    The Telecom Trends & Drivers Market Report is published twice annually to provide analysis of global and regional market trends and conditions affecting service providers, subscribers, and the global economy.
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  • December 07, 2018
    This report is based on primary quantitative data analysis and secondary qualitative research of fixed broadband operators. In this report, IHS Markit analyzes the availability and uptake of fixed broadband services through technology (xdsl, cable and FTTP) and operators in the Latin American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.
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  • Dan Cryan | December 13, 2018
    Complete database of detailed broadband, online video and online music data available for a country.
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  • Dan Cryan | December 13, 2018
    Database of online movie metrics. Includes data on total online movie transactions, trade and consumer revenues with split by business model and definition by country; as well total OTT subscribers with access to movie content, split between bundled and standalone by country; and movie subscription views.
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  • Dan Cryan | December 13, 2018
    Database of online TV and sport metrics. Includes data on total online TV and sport transactions, trade and consumer revenues with split by business model and definition by country; as well total OTT subscribers with access to TV and sport content, split between bundled and standalone by country; and TV and sport subscription views.
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  • Icon Senior Research Analyst – Online Video, IHS Markit
    Ms. Jun Wen Woo is a senior research analyst for Online Video at IHS Markit.
  • Icon Principal Research Analyst, Service Providers & Platforms
    Mr. Seth Wallis-Jones, principal research analyst at IHS Markit, covers telecom multiplay strategies for the Service Providers & Platforms team.
  • Icon Executive Director – Research and Analysis, Mobile Infrastructure & Carrier Economics
    Mr. Stéphane Téral is the executive director of research and analysis and an advisor for Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics at IHS Markit.
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