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Timely information on today's critical communications market, with coverage of command & control rooms, civil security, licensed mobile radio, and more

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  • ​Alexander Richardson | March 09, 2017
    Key points The public safety sector must maintain pace with the wider telecommunications industry. As emergency response technologies currently in use become obsolete, it is critical that the United States modernizes its 911 system to one that is IP-based. • 21 states have indicated they have an operational ESInet in place. Approximately 1,300 PSAPs are connected (as of 2015). • 16 states have awarded an NG911 contract (as of 2015). • 17 of 30 survey respondents indicated they had plans to install Next Gen technologies over next 12 months (as of June 2016).
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  • January 06, 2016
    Accessories for portable licensed mobile radios (LMR) have long attempted to increase productivity and safety for the individuals who use them. Yearly improvements for portable LMR accessories include increasingly longer battery life, faster charging batteries, and better sound in speaker microphones. These
  • ​Alexander Richardson | December 08, 2015
    In a recently published market report, Critical Communications in Oil & Gas – 2015, IHS indicates the global market for critical communications technologies in the oil and gas industry will reach over $1 billion by 2019. IHS defines critical communications as an integration of: licensed mobile radio (LMR) terminals, LMR infrastructure, LMR accessories, command & control room technologies and services, and broadband LTE hardware and devices.


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Examination of the key technologies employed in command and control rooms including competitive analyses of the top technology and service suppliers.
The Critical Communications Broadband Intelligence Service helps customers to fully comprehend and evaluate broadband equipment in the critical communications market by enabling them to obtain an unparalleled level of data and detail.
The Mobile Radio Intelligence Service provides continuous coverage of the global Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market, including report coverage of LMR, DMR, TETRA, LMR Infrastructure, and LMR Accessories, as well as competitive market shares, executive ppts, and Trax interactive databases.


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  • Jesus Gonzalez | March 21, 2017
    This report, in its fourth edition, is a summary of data and revenues from four key critical communications reports covering: Licensed Mobile Radio (LMR) terminals, LMR infrastructure & system integration, LMR accessories and command & control rooms.
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  • Ryan Darrand | March 14, 2017
    This is the data for the fourth edition of the IHS Markit report dedicated to the market for LMR accessories. This new study provides up to date data on the industry and provides more information than was available in the previous edition.
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  • Jesus Gonzalez | March 10, 2017
    This first edition study on critical communications within the transportation sector provides detailed vertical analysis and forecasts (2016-2020) on the global markets for licensed mobile radio terminals, LMR infrastructure, LMR accessories, command and control solutions, and private LTE devices and hardware.
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  • Ryan Darrand | November 17, 2016
    This is the seventh edition of the IHS report dedicated to the market for DMR/dPMR, PDT and competing technologies. It reflects the major changes in the global market since 2015; and the continuation of the trend from analogue to digital technologies, in particular the double-digit annual growth of Cost Optimized Digital shipments between 2014 and 2015.
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  • Ryan Darrand | November 17, 2016
    This report provides in-depth, clear analysis of this market, from the leading providers of critical communications research. By offering the highest level of granularity available on the market, this report allows the reader to identify the emerging opportunities and developments that will impact the market over the next five years.
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  • October 28, 2015
    This is the third edition of the IHS report dedicated to the market for LMR infrastructure and system integration. Previous IHS reports have included subsections on infrastructure components but this report solely focuses on infrastructure equipment and system integration, recognising this market has its own unique value chain.
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  • Icon Director, Safe Cities, Critical Communications and Security.
    Thomas Lynch is the Director for Safe Cities, Critical Communications and Security Research at IHS. Thomas and his team focus across video surveillance equipment, safe cities, public safety, future communications technologies such as LTE, command & control and Cybersecurity.
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