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Covering all aspects of semiconductor technology by application market, geographical region and semiconductor device for key vertical markets. Includes coverage of MEMS, memory, power management and more.

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  • Wayne Lam | April 19, 2016
    Two weeks after the US Commerce Department placed trade sanctions on ZTE over allegedly skirting US export controls laws (see US trade restrictions could be disastrous for ZTE’s smartphone business), a 3-month temporary lift of the sanction was put in place after “active” and “constructive” talks with the US government.
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  • Wayne Lam | April 01, 2016
    LTE enabled smartphones made up only 1 in 4 new devices shipped back in 2013. By 2015, that percentage share soared to over half of all new smartphones shipped globally. In fact, LTE is arguably the most successful generational wireless technology having just been commercialized in late 2009 and evolved to capture the majority of the market for new handsets today.
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  • Michael Markides | March 31, 2016
    At the recent American Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, California, the IHS Power team dove into key industry topics like the ever-increasing electrification of automobiles, expected growth from smart energy applications, and the total market slowdown that began in the second half of 2015.
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The Automotive Semiconductor Intelligence Service offers a complete examination of the semiconductor market for automotive electronics including competitive analyses of the top suppliers and purchasers.
The role of packaged LEDs is expanding in today’s world. From their traditional usage in consumer products, they are now found in growing list of applications including automotive and residential lighting. As this expansion provides avenues for new growth opportunity, the market becomes more competitive and dynamic. To thrive in this swiftly changing environment, you’ll need market information from a trusted, experienced source.
Mobile Device Electronics Intelligence quantifies the market for all semiconductor and cellular technologies driven by the mobile device industry spanning devices to infrastructure. It includes detail on the available market by device shipment volume and revenues as well as semiconductor device type (i.e. logic ASSP/ASIC, memory, analog ASSP/ASIC, etc) consumed by each segment of the total wireless industry.
The Power Semiconductor Intelligence Service provides clients with continuously updated insights and analysis of the power management semiconductor segment to position themselves against their competitors and gain the insight and tools necessary to reach their growth target.
As the global handset market increasingly becomes dominated by smartphones, market dynamics are driving divergent requirements across multiple tiers of devices. Smartphone Electronics Design Intelligence captures market drivers on both a global as well as OEM level enabling rapid analysis and implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.


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  • Alice Tao | April 20, 2016
    The Packaged LED – Mobile phone report is a market brief within the LED Intelligence Service. This report covers the packaged LED market for mobile phone use, including backlighting behind the display, illuminating the keypad, flash for the camera/video recorder and ‘other’.
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  • Jamie Fox | March 03, 2016
    The LED substrates report, a market brief within the LED Intelligence Service, covers the use of different type of substrates for LEDs. A large part of the focus of the report is looking at the different substrates: sapphire, silicon carbide, silicon and GaN, and comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of each and which suppliers are using each type.
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  • Silicon Carbide & Gallium Nitride Power Semiconductors
    Richard Eden | February 26, 2016
    The Silicon Carbide & Gallium Nitride Power Semiconductors report provides the only detailed global analysis of this fast-moving market. The research explains growth drivers for key application sectors and likely adoption and penetration rates. It provides 10 year market price projections for all...
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  • Tom Hackenberg | April 28, 2016
    In this report, IHS leverages its robust coverage of the semiconductor market with the recognized industry leading Infonetics Research understanding of communications equipment to bring you unprecedented coverage of high-performance processors in network infrastructure.
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  • Francis Sideco | April 27, 2016
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  • April 26, 2016
    Offers shipment data and forecasts for China's semiconductor market with focus on Chinese IC design and manufacturing. This report provides an outlook on industry fabrication with detailed analysis on leading Chinese manufacturers by process, major applications as well as chip type. Financial dynamics including recent M&As are also examined.
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  • Icon Analyst, Automotive Semiconductors
    Ahad is covering the automotive semiconductor supply chain and semiconductor powertrain.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Automotive Semiconductors
    Akhilesh Kona covers the area of automotive semiconductor, with focus on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Body Electronics. He is responsible for market research on sensors and semiconductor content including various technology trends in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
  • Icon Vice President, Semiconductors, IT & Networking
    Francis Sideco is the research leader for the IHS Semiconductor, IT and Networking group which includes research teams focused on the Internet of Things, Mobile Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Memory, Sensors & Core Semiconductors, Enterprise & Service Provider Networking, Connectivity, Data Centers and Compute Platforms.
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