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With the semiconductor market highly dependent on consumer purchases, a contracting global economy resulted in negative growth for semiconductor sales the past several years, despite strong IC revenue growth from industrial electronics and automotive applications.

Gain insight into all aspects of semiconductor technology with our extensive research categorized by application market, geographical region and semiconductor device for key verticals. Coverage includes MEMS, memory, LED, power management and more.

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The Automotive Semiconductor Intelligence Service offers a complete examination of the semiconductor market for automotive electronics including competitive analyses of the top suppliers and purchasers.
The role of packaged LEDs is expanding in today’s world. From their traditional usage in consumer products, they are now found in growing list of applications including automotive and residential lighting. As this expansion provides avenues for new growth opportunity, the market becomes more competitive and dynamic. To thrive in this swiftly changing environment, you’ll need market information from a trusted, experienced source.
Mobile Device Electronics Intelligence quantifies the market for all semiconductor and cellular technologies driven by the mobile device industry spanning devices to infrastructure. It includes detail on the available market by device shipment volume and revenues as well as semiconductor device type (i.e. logic ASSP/ASIC, memory, analog ASSP/ASIC, etc) consumed by each segment of the total wireless industry.
The Power Semiconductor Intelligence Service provides clients with continuously updated insights and analysis of the power management semiconductor segment to position themselves against their competitors and gain the insight and tools necessary to reach their growth target.
As the global handset market increasingly becomes dominated by smartphones, market dynamics are driving divergent requirements across multiple tiers of devices. Smartphone Electronics Design Intelligence captures market drivers on both a global as well as OEM level enabling rapid analysis and implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.


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  • Wayne Lam | June 21, 2017
    Dataset that includes forecasts of shipment volumes (by feature), model introductions (by feature), and model design starts for the Top 27 brands that collectively account for 93% of the global market
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  • Robbie Galoso, Tom Hackenberg | June 19, 2017
    The industrial semiconductors market was worth $43.5 billion in 2016 or 12.3% of the entire semiconductor market. Industrial electronics spans a variety of application fields comprising manufacturing and process automation, test and measurement, medical electronics, building and home control, power & energy and military and civil aerospace...
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  • Tom Hackenberg | June 19, 2017
    In this report, IHS leverages its robust coverage of the semiconductor market with the recognized industry leading Infonetics Research understanding of communications equipment to bring you unprecedented coverage of high-performance processors in network infrastructure.
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  • Jamie Fox, Paul Bremner, Justin Siller | June 14, 2017
    In this document, IHS Markit reports back with the analyst observations from the show highlighting some significant announcements and themes during the show.
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  • Richard Dixon, PhD | June 02, 2017
    IHS Markit presents an update of the MEMS market and industry with a review of the top MEMS manufacturers in 2016. What can be learned from the past success stories such as motion sensors in handsets? IHS Markit also describes the dilemma of suppliers for consumer markets.
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  • Jérémie Bouchaud | May 11, 2017
    With more data processed and captured than ever before, IoT vendors are looking to the cloud as the platform for providing analytics and ultimately driving value and new business models to their customer. ...
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Semiconductor Value Chain
    Richard Eden is a senior analyst with IHS semiconductors and components group, where he looks after the power semiconductors area. His current report focus includes Power Semiconductor Discretes & Modules and SiC & GaN Power Semiconductors, as well as contributing to the Power Management Quarterly market watch.
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