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Comprehensive analysis for MEMS and sensors by device type. Detailed technology and market intelligence for the consumer, mobile, automotive and industrial industries.

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  • Marwan Boustany | April 11, 2016
    Apple’s iPhone SE is the its least expensive offering in what is a growing range of high end iPhones. Although the iPhone SE boasts a camera and application processor to match the iPhone 6S, IHS notes some notable differences when sensors are considered. For more please log in to your account.
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  • Brian O’Rourke | March 16, 2016
    February 2016 saw the introduction of Samsung’s two new flagship phones: the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Compared to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, there are some similarities, including overall footprint and display resolution. Some of the differences include a more powerful processor, more memory options, and better battery life. However, the most interesting addition to the new phone line is the CMOS image sensor...
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  • Richard Dixon, PhD | March 14, 2016
    Continental sensor capitalizes on coming growth in SCR systems Continental has developed a urea quality sensor for SCR systems. The device consists of a multi-sensor package including measure of urea level in the tank, urea composition and its temperature. IHS believes the new sensor will take advantage of an anticipated increased uptake of SCR systems in diesel passenger cars caused in part by the recent high-profile issues with VW diesels combined with a change in the way emissions of NOx and other pollutants will be measured in future. The control of urea is needed to assist with accurate dosing of urea solution to the exhaust system of a diesel to further remove NOx in the post treatment steps after the diesel oxygen catalyst and particulate filter. According to Continental, the urea sensor employs an ultrasonic measuring principle already in use for oil level sensors. For more, login....
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Comprehensive coverage of sensor technology used in the automotive industry including analysis of the current and future market opportunities.
Comprehensive insight and analysis on microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors used in smartphones, wearables and consumer electronics
Comprehensive coverage of the microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors market including analysis of the leading and potential applications using the technology


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  • Marwan Boustany | May 24, 2016
    Helping customers make critical decisions in today’s rapidly-changing landscape of players and technology.
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  • Brian O’Rourke | April 28, 2016
    Image sensor suppliers continue to penetrate the market and see opportunities within new emerging markets as image capture expands into more consumer electronic devices and emerging end devices.
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  • Jérémie Bouchaud, Richard Dixon, PhD | April 08, 2016
    This market tracker addresses key opportunities, disruptive forces, technology battlegrounds, supply chain and market information for the various semiconductor magnetic sensors including Hall, GMR, AMR, and emerging technologies such as TMR and MEMS.
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  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices and MEMS & Sensors
    Brian O’Rourke has responsibilities in consumer electronics and wireless technologies at IHS, including image sensors, digital imaging and mobile broadband.
  • Icon Senior Director, MEMS & Sensors
    Jérémie Bouchaud is unique to the MEMS industry – his breadth of MEMS device and application knowledge is unmatched, particularly in terms of automotive, consumer markets and RF MEMS.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, MEMS & Sensors
    Richard Dixon is a principal analyst for MEMS and author of more than 50 MEMS-related consulting and market research studies. He is a world-renowned expert on automotive MEMS and...
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