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Significant changes have swept the memory business owing to industry consolidation and capacity realignment, leading to a more stable supplier landscape. But manufacturers are seeking other opportunities for future growth in light of a maturing mobile market. New areas of expansion include automotive connectivity and smart devices that require valuable memory to process and store data.

Get a comprehensive look at the DRAM and flash markets, including supply and demand ramifications, with our in-depth research that includes up-to-date forecasting for units, average selling prices and revenues.

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  • Christopher Morris | January 18, 2019
    The year of 2018 has been one of the worst to date in terms of both number of security breaches and the number of records that have been exposed.
  • Dinesh Kithany, Tom Morrod | January 07, 2018
    Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018! As we set into the New Year, and on the onset of CES 2018 where companies showcase their capabilities and plans for coming year, its time to set our eyes on the things we might or even want to expect in the year 2018. There are a few trends that we can expect to see across a wide range of technology segments emerging in 2018, however these will also create challenges and questions for the industry in the year ahead.
  • Craig Stice | October 25, 2017
    The HDD market has not been in the spotlight in the last couple of years, or for that matter, even created a positive buzz in the media. On the other hand, the solid-state drive (SSD) market is growing; thus, cannibalizing HDD shipments and has been taking all the headlines with new advancements in technology. All the while, the HDD market has not seen a major technology advancement since helium (He)-filled HDDs were introduced in 2013. WD is changing that, and on 11 October 2017, WD held an event called, “Innovating to Fuel the Next Decade of Big Data” at its new headquarters in San Jose, California. During the event, WD announced a major HDD technology advancement, microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR).
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Strategic insights and analysis on the volatile DRAM market, covering key trends, technologies, leading applications and supply-and-demand ramifications. Real-time forecasts for units, average selling prices and revenues are detailed by application market and technology.
Comprehensive coverage of the NOR and embedded NAND flash markets. Timely market briefs present expert insights on the impact of industry events and trends, while also providing supplier performance as well product and usage outlook for both the short and long term.
Detailed look at the data flash (NAND) memory market, technologies, applications, supply-and-demand dynamics and device pricing by density. Timely market briefs present expert insights on the impact of industry events and trends.
Full reportage on the storage market for both component vendors and users of storage devices by examining the significant trends and technologies impacting the industry. Analysis provided on all disk drives, including hard disk drives (HDD), optical disk drive (ODD) and solid-state drives (SSD).


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  • Clifford Leimbach, Rachel Young | March 15, 2019
    Offers analysis of real-time cost and pricing, inquiries into overall market conditions, and insights into the impact and implication of trends on various end applications for DRAM.
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  • Craig Stice | March 15, 2019
    Storage Space Market takes a look at HDD manufacturers’ unit shipment history by applications, average HDD capacity, and total capacity shipped and provides forecasts going forward.
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  • February 28, 2019
    Offers real-time pricing analysis of the hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) storage markets, as well as commentaries of interesting technologies and products developments.
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  • Clifford Leimbach | February 20, 2019
    DRAM modules, reliant on PCs, have stalled in their growth as PC sales have slowed to a crawl.
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  • Clifford Leimbach, Rachel Young | January 21, 2019
    The mobile and embedded application segments have been game changers in the overall memory market in the last few years and continue to shape and define the success of players participating in the memory market. This report provides detailed analysis and forecasts on mobile and embedded memory market trends by application markets, technology, density as well as insights into significant trends and changes in the market place.
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  • January 16, 2019
    The IHS Markit NAND Memory Market Tracker provides comprehensive insights into one of the most dynamic segments of the semiconductor market, NAND flash. The quarterly Market Tracker reports are accompanied by an Excel database containing detailed supply/demand analysis and forecasts of the market by application, technology, density and wafer size.
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  • Analyst photo placeholder Senior Analyst, Memory & Storage
    Clifford is responsible for providing research, analysis, and forecasting of DRAM and Flash memory from the demand side. His duties also include analyzing the DRAM upgrade module.
  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, Storage
    Craig Stice is a senior principal analyst responsible for forecasting and analysis of the storage markets including solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). Prior to his work in the storage markets, Craig was an analyst covering compute electronics systems at IHS, which included the PC and server industries.
  • Icon Associate Director, Memory and China Research
    As Associate Director, Rachel is responsible for providing research, analysis and forecasting of the DRAM memory markets. In addition, Rachel manages the personnel, research and strategy for the China Semiconductor team.
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