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The smart grid is poised to forever alter the way will live, work and play. It’s ushering the energy industry into an era of increased availability, reliability and efficiency. At the same time, the global market for grid-connected energy storage systems is fast expanding. With these changes, though, come many unknowns.

Learn about the latest developments in the energy storage and smart grid markets via our detailed and accurate research across all key segments of the industry.

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Identify and maximize near and long-term opportunities across the industry with unrivaled market research.
This new intelligence service covers the equipment used in power transmission and distribution. Power Transmission & Distribution ecosystem coverage will expand in the future to include coverage of more equipment as well as software and services.
This service provides the most comprehensive research in the industry on smart utility meters; investigating the most important trends, drivers, and challenges affecting the current and future market for metering solutions.


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  • David Green | July 14, 2017
    *Coming Soon* This first edition report from IHS Markit takes a future look at the evolving market place for technology-based services to the electric utility, centred around the role of AMI and the all-important data. From applications such as the communications network, to meter data management software and analytics, the report will give market sizes and revenue projections for the next five years. In particular, what are the future business models for AMI data services to utilities and the distribution grid – such as managed services, Metering as a Service, Outcomes as a Service and shared savings cost models. View Abstract for more details.
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  • July 14, 2017
    This is the 2016 edition of the annual IHS Electricity Meters Report, which is a major part of the Smart Utility Meters Intelligence Service. This report consists of over 100 data tables, with historical information reaching back to 2009, and forecasts going out to 2022.
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  • Grid defection is fast becoming an attractive alternative for customers to reduce their energy costs
    Julian Jansen | June 23, 2017
    In this new report IHS Markit examines the drivers, economics and impact of grid defection. Pairing Solar PV with battery energy storage can decrease customer’s reliance on the electric grid – without reducing reliability and at prices which are becoming competitive with retail electricity rates.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Julian Jansen, Isabella Ni | July 25, 2017
    The IHS Grid-Connected Energy Storage Market Tracker provides detailed analysis and forecasts of this fast growing market. The market is segmented by siting, by region and by technology, with ten year forecasts presented for all major market segments. The forecasts are updated twice per year.
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  • Isabella Ni, Julian Jansen | July 19, 2017
    This database presents detailed information regarding all planned and completed energy storage system (ESS) installations and the companies that are involved in these projects...
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  • Claudia Portugal | June 13, 2017
    This Master Grid database is a power transmission and distribution (T&D) global study that will provide users with a foundation for understanding the global T&D hardware marketplace. The study shows the key metrics influencing grid technology purchasing within each country. Further detail about the database and the study can be found in the user’s guide.
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  • Icon Senior Research Manager, Solar and Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a Senior Research Manager for the Solar and Energy Storage Research group at IHS Markit.

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