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The smart grid is poised to forever alter the way will live, work and play. It’s ushering the energy industry into an era of increased availability, reliability and efficiency. At the same time, the global market for grid-connected energy storage systems is fast expanding. With these changes, though, come many unknowns.

Learn about the latest developments in the energy storage and smart grid markets via our detailed and accurate research across all key segments of the industry.

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  • Claudia Portugal | January 04, 2018
    Heat meter shipments grew by over 150 thousand units in 2017, as the market showed strong growth over 2016. The latest analysis in the IHS Markit Heat Meters Report predicts this growth to continue as the market exceeds $700 million in revenues in 2020, with roughly $480 million coming from the Europe, Middle East and Africa market.
  • Thomas Frashier | December 19, 2017
    The global gas meter market is forecast to maintain steady growth, with total meter shipments growing at 3.1% CAGR from 2016 to 2023. However, European mandates and the fast growing nature of communicating meter shipments in Asia will drive change in the market for the future, according to the new IHS Markit study.
  • Michael Markides | December 12, 2017
    The global water meter market is forecast to radically grow in the coming decade as IoT technologies give rise to new smart meter markets in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This insight pulls the latest news from the new IHS water meters study.


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Presenting a wide-ranging detailed examination of the market for energy storage systems across all key global segments of the industry. Databases and reports cover small and large-scale renewable integration, grid support, and behind-the-meter storage.
Global coverage of the major trends in digitalisation affecting the power transmission and distribution grid. Brand new research from IHS Markit explores the rising importance of software and services from vendors to utilities, including the changing business models as the market increasingly moves towards outcome-based solutions and data-driven management. This service aims to show the future direction for all industry stakeholders as the next generation utility takes shape.
This service provides the most comprehensive research in the industry on smart utility meters; investigating the most important trends, drivers, and challenges affecting the current and future market for metering solutions.


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  • The utility-scale solar pipeline has reached 27 GW in Australia, with 2.1 GW of co-located energy storage planned.
    Julian Jansen, ​Christine Beadle | January 17, 2018
    This report provides an analysis of the current utility-scale solar and energy storage pipeline in Australia. The opportunity for co-located energy storage with utility-scale solar is rapidly emerging with a large number of developers looking accelerate projects.
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  • David Green | January 03, 2018
    This first edition report from IHS Markit takes a future look at the evolving market place for technology-based services to the electric utility, centered around the role of AMI and the all-important data. From applications such as the communications network, to meter data management software and analytics, the report will give market sizes and revenue projections for the next five years, including regional revenue projections for Software and Network as a Service.
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  • Julian Jansen, Camron Barati, Sam Wilkinson | December 20, 2017
    This report provides a comprehensive review of the United States behind-the-meter commercial & industrial (C&I) energy storage market. The report helps subscribers understand the current market and future outlook of this fast growing energy storage segment.
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  • Julian Jansen | January 05, 2018
    This database presents detailed information regarding all planned and completed energy storage system (ESS) installations and the companies that are involved in these projects. The extensive database of projects provides a unique datasource to analyse real activity in the energy storage market, including the requirements of the ESS in each grid interconnection location and which technologies are being deployed to provide these services. It also presents company profiles for companies active in this market and can be used to identify what companies are leading in installations in each key region.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Julian Jansen, Isabella Ni | October 09, 2017
    The IHS Grid-Connected Energy Storage Market Tracker provides detailed analysis and forecasts of this fast growing market. The market is segmented by siting, by region and by technology, with ten year forecasts presented for all major market segments. The forecasts are updated twice per year.
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  • Claudia Portugal | June 13, 2017
    This Master Grid database is a power transmission and distribution (T&D) global study that will provide users with a foundation for understanding the global T&D hardware marketplace. The study shows the key metrics influencing grid technology purchasing within each country. Further detail about the database and the study can be found in the user’s guide.
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  • Pablo Tomasi | November 30, 2017
    This presentation is a review of the 2017 Smart Cities Expo World Congress (SCEWC) event held in Barcelona and attended by the IHS Markit Smart Cities team. The brief covers the main topics and trends emerging from the show and provides an analysis of selected news announcement released during the show.
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  • Claudia Portugal, David Green, Michael Markides, Sam Wilkinson, Thomas Frashier | October 10, 2017
    This presentation is a review of the 2017 European Utility Week event. This year the exhibition took place in Amsterdam and it was attended by the IHS Markit Smart Utilities Infrastructure team and one representative of the Solar and Energy Storage team. The brief covers the main topics of the show: digital transformation, major rollouts of smart meters, communication technologies for smart metering, and energy storage and solar power.
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  • Energy Storage Europe Conference Presentation
    Sam Wilkinson | March 16, 2017
    This presentation was given by senior research manager, Sam Wilkinson, at Energy Storage Europe in Dusseldorf. It provides a global overview of the market and summarises key trends for 2017 and beyond.
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  • Icon Associate Director, Solar & Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a Associate Director for the Solar and Energy Storage Research group at IHS Markit.

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