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The smart grid is poised to forever alter the way will live, work and play. It’s ushering the energy industry into an era of increased availability, reliability and efficiency. At the same time, the global market for grid-connected energy storage systems is fast expanding. With these changes, though, come many unknowns.

Learn about the latest developments in the energy storage and smart grid markets via our detailed and accurate research across all key segments of the industry.

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  • Camron Barati, Cormac Gilligan | July 20, 2018
    ees North America is a growing event co-located with Intersolar North America that focuses on energy storage industries in the United States. The event continues to increase in size reflecting the positive development across the US market. After attending the show, the IHS Markit Solar and Energy Storage analyst team has summarized some major findings from the event.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Julian Jansen | June 28, 2018
    The IHS Markit analyst team attended SmarterE 2018 in Munich featuring EES Europe, which continues to grow in size reflecting the positive development across the global and European energy storage market. Advancing from the early focus on frequency regulation applications and growing to new geographic areas, energy storage now faces regulatory and supply chain challenges.
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  • Julian Jansen, Camron Barati | June 11, 2018
    On 31st May 2018, electric utility Nevada Energy announced plans to offer six contracts for solar PV projects for a total 1 GWac. Half of the solar projects are to be paired with battery energy storage representing 100 MW / 400 MWh of energy capacity. The announcement signifies Nevada Energy’s next wave of renewable energy deployments that will help the state of Nevada achieve a 25% renewable portfolio standard (RPS) by 2025. Across the United States, the rise of solar plus storage projects illustrates their pivotal role in driving both solar and storage deployment as renewable penetration increases.
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Presenting a wide-ranging detailed examination of the market for energy storage systems across all key global segments of the industry. Databases and reports cover small and large-scale renewable integration, grid support, and behind-the-meter storage.
This service provides the most comprehensive research in the industry on smart utility meters; investigating the most important trends, drivers, and challenges affecting the current and future market for metering solutions.


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  • Claudia Portugal | July 17, 2018
    This is the 2018 edition of the annual IHS Markit Electricity Meters Report, which is a major component of the Smart Utility Meter Intelligence Service. This report consists of over 100 data tables, with historical information reaching back to 2009, and forecasts going out to 2024.
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  • Thomas Frashier | May 03, 2018
    This first edition report from IHS Markit takes a forward-gazing look at the evolving market place for technology-based services to the water utility, centred around the role of AMI and the all-important data. From applications such as the communications network, to meter data management software and analytics, the report will give market sizes and revenue projections for the next five years across 28 sub-categories of products and services.
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  • Prices stabilize as supply and demand for Li-ion batteries begin to balance
    Sam Wilkinson | April 23, 2018
    This report provides an update on the latest trends for Li-ion battery pricing, combining the latest insights gathered from purchasers of batteries, with analysis of the impact of growing demand from the automotive sector and rising raw material prices.
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  • Julian Jansen | July 31, 2018
    This database presents detailed information regarding all planned and completed energy storage system (ESS) installations and the companies that are involved in these projects. The extensive database of projects provides a unique datasource to analyse real activity in the energy storage market, including the requirements of the ESS in each grid interconnection location and which technologies are being deployed to provide these services. It also presents company profiles for companies active in this market and can be used to identify what companies are leading in installations in each key region.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Julian Jansen | February 27, 2018
    The IHS Grid-Connected Energy Storage Market Tracker provides detailed analysis and forecasts of this fast growing market. The market is segmented by siting, by region and by technology, with ten year forecasts presented for all major market segments. The forecasts are updated twice per year.
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  • Are EV makers putting the cart before the horse?
    Julian Jansen | July 03, 2018
    On 20 June 2018, IHS Markit Associate Director Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles from the Chemicals group presented at the Intersolar / EES Europe Conference in Munich, Germany. It addresses the questions of how the supply and demand of battery cells for the automotive and stationary energy storage industries is developing.
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  • SNEC PV Power Expo - Shnaghai, China
    Sam Wilkinson | June 26, 2018
    This keynote presentation was delivered by Sam Wilkinson at SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China in May 2018. It provides analysis of the energy storage market and the role of Chinese players in the battery supply chain.
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  • ESA Webinar
    Julian Jansen, Camron Barati | February 05, 2018
    The following slides were presented by Julian Jansen and Camron Barati as part of a webinar in partnership with the Energy Storage Association, focused on IHS Markit’s recent analysis of the commercial and industrial energy storage market in the United States.
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  • Icon Associate Director, Solar & Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a Associate Director for the Solar and Energy Storage Research group at IHS Markit.

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