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Major, multiple factors are at play in the solar energy sector. The demand for high-efficiency solar models is rising. Disruptions are rocking the global PV supply chain. Monocrystalline technology is gaining traction. Energy storage opportunities are increasing. And governmental policy changes are underway.

Track all the trends and trajectories with our end-to-end research covering the projects, prices, technologies, market share and manufacturing for the most actionable information on the solar industry.

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  • Camron Barati, Maria Chea | June 20, 2017
    Nevada regulators reinstate net metering, seek to increase RPS target In June 2017, Nevada regulators passed and signed into law a bill that will reinstate net metering and continue to push for increasing the State’s RPS target to 40%, up from 25%. When net metering was eliminated in December 2015, demand for residential PV in Nevada was significantly reduced. Restoring net metering will have an immediate and positive impact on the market, increasing demand for residential PV from the second half of 2017. Increasing the RPS target will ensure that long-term demand for utility-scale renewable energy sources in the market will remain strong.
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  • Dharmendra Kumar | June 19, 2017
    The government of India has decided to roll-out Goods and Service Tax (GST) rates by 1 July 2017. The GST Council has released the rates and grouped the products/goods in five different tax brackets (0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%). As per the GST rate schedule released, renewable energy devices & spare parts used for their manufacture will be taxed at 5%. Further in the description part of the rate schedule, it also says that solar power based devices and solar power generating systems will also fall under the 5% tax bracket. There has been a clarification provided by the GST Council that Solar panels will fall under the 5% tax bracket, bringing big relief to both developers and suppliers, since earlier drafts included solar panels under the 18% tax bracket.
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  • Maria Chea, Josefin Berg, Camron Barati | June 14, 2017
    On 1 June 2017, Donald Trump announced that the United States was pulling out of the Paris agreement, thus making it one of three countries in the world, to not partake in the accord. While the decision has been criticized by some environmental groups, it will not directly impact those states and private businesses that have already begun to take steps to achieve a clean energy transition. A more serious threat to future PV deployment than the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is the decision from the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to investigate solar module imports.
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Offers detailed and insightful analysis on the downstream solar market. The wide-ranging research—covering solar system installation, PV market potential, and impactful government policies—is designed to provide the most comprehensive market intelligence into this rapidly developing industry.
Analyze and access near and long-term opportunities in this fast-paced industry with unrivaled market research
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  • After record shipment in 2016, Chinese market will shrink by 9 GW in 2017
    Frank Xie | June 14, 2017
    This is the sixth edition of the annual IHS Markit report on the Chinese PV inverter industry, providing detailed forecasts and analysis of demand for PV inverters in China, and a comprehensive review of the challenges that face Chinese PV inverter suppliers.
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  • Camron Barati | May 31, 2017
    IHS Markit carried out the research for its report on PV structural balance of system (SBoS) equipment in North America over a period of six months. This report provides market sizes, forecasts and supplier market shares ... .
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Frank Xie, Jessica Jin | May 25, 2017
    The PV Market Trend Survey - China is produced monthly and relies upon real shipment and installation data collected from suppliers and installers in the world’s largest PV market, in order to provide customers with a regularly updated and accurate check on its short- and medium-term development.
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  • Camron Barati, Maria Chea | June 19, 2017
    The Solar Market Tracker- North America provides forecasts and analysis for installed PV capacity in the United States and Canada at a country level and at a US state level. ...
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  • Susanne von Aichberger | June 08, 2017
    The IHS PV Demand Market Tracker provides forecasts and analysis for installed PV capacity in almost 50 countries. The tracker is updated at least quarterly to provide the most up-to-date projections for each market...
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  • ​Christine Beadle | June 02, 2017
    IHS is pleased to announce the new online Solar Deal Tracker. We have given the platform a major overhaul to improve usability for subscribers. You will now be able to download your custom set of project data directly from this site.
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Demand and Supply Chain
    As the senior solar research analyst with IHS Solar in China, Frank Xie focuses on areas such as PV inverters, energy storage, system integration and PV demand. He is a well-known PV industry expert and has spoken at many high level events including SNEC, SolarCon, Intersolar China and Renewable Energy India, sharing perspectives about the global PV industry outlook.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Demand
    Josefin Berg is a senior analyst for the IHS solar research group, where she performs market analysis of trends and strategies in the downstream part of the PV market.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Demand
    Wade Shafer is a senior analyst for the IHS solar research group. He focuses his research on the North American downstream PV industry and policy environment.
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