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Major, multiple factors are at play in the solar energy sector. The demand for high-efficiency solar modules is rising. Disruptions are rocking the global PV supply chain. Monocrystalline technology is gaining traction. Energy storage opportunities are increasing. And governmental policy changes are underway.

Track all the trends and trajectories with our end-to-end research covering the projects, prices, technologies, market share and manufacturing for the most actionable information on the solar industry.

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  • Josefin Berg | January 13, 2019
    Decreasing solar photovoltaic (PV) costs, combined with the long-term commitment to reduce countries’ carbon footprint and the need to phase out energy subsidies, have raised the interest of governments in the region to increase renewable investments. In addition to large-scale renewable competitive tenders, small-scale solutions for PV distributed generation are also gaining the attention of both governments and private players. However, relatively low retail tariffs, regulatory uncertainty, and a lack of track record have limited the deployment of solar distributed systems to date, particularly among residential customers. IHS Markit's Middle East energy analyst group has in collaboration with the downstream PV service, prepared an in-depth analysis of the market for distributed solar in the Middle East. The full analysis can be found in the attached pdf once you log in.
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  • Julian Jansen, Camron Barati | December 20, 2018
    On 13 December 2018 the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) approved energy storage targets of 1,500 MW by 2025 and long-term goal of deploying 3,000 MW by 2030, setting the stage for New York’s target to be the highest deployment target in the world. The approved target is to be met by a combination of competitive solicitations for large-scale assets to be issued by utilities and incentive programs for small-scale systems. Days after the approval of the energy storage mandate, the Governor of New York called for achieving 100% clean energy in the state by 2040. If approved, the target would become the most aggressive clean energy mandated in the United States.
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  • Holly Hu | November 14, 2018
    The IHS Markit 2018 outlook for China has been raised from 37 GW to 40 GW. While it appears that China will maintain a steady level of annual installations, quarterly fluctuations will continue, shaped by policy-making decisions. The total cumulative PV capacity in China is forecast to reach to 255 GW at the end of 2020, resulting in around 40 GW of installations per year in 2019 and 2020.


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Offers comprehensive tracking and analysis of the downstream PV market. Market trackers as well as online project and integrator trackers cover solar system installations, market potential, and impactful government policies driving downstream solar activity around the world.
Delivering essential information on the market for traditional inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers. Market trackers and reports cover supplier market share, shipments, revenues, pricing, policies, and demand for over 20 countries enabling comprehensive visibility into the global PV inverter market.
Detailed analysis and tracking of global PV supply and demand. Four market trackers give access to all aspects of supply, demand, prices, capacity, equipment spending, suppliers, technology roadmaps, and much more.
This Service provides current and credible forecasts and analysis for installed PV capacity in North America, O&M and EPC coverage, as well as tracking and analysing project activity and Balance of System suppliers in North America. The research also includes detailed analysis of the supply chain, with coverage including module and inverter data.
This premium intelligence service provides complete upstream and downstream coverage of the solar industry, with ongoing data, analysis and insights throughout the year.


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  • Edurne Zoco, PhD, Jessica Jin, Holly Hu, Karl Melkonyan | January 15, 2019
    The PV Suppliers Tracker contains detailed data on the performance of leading companies in the PV module supply chain. It provides a detailed database of capacity, production, utilization and shipments for polysilicon, wafer, cell and module suppliers.
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  • Christine Beadle | January 04, 2019
    IHS is pleased to announce the new online Solar Deal Tracker. We have given the platform a major overhaul to improve usability for subscribers. You will now be able to download your custom set of project data directly from this site.
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  • Christine Beadle | January 04, 2019
    The Solar Deal Tracker North America offers comprehensive database coverage of the region’s downstream project activity. This frequently updated database provides detailed information for both completed and planned projects. ...
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  • Solar & Storage Finance USA Conference, New York
    Cormac Gilligan | November 02, 2018
    Presented at the Solar and Storage Finance USA Conference in New York, this presentation provides an overview of the outlook for solar and energy storage in the United States and globally.
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  • New markets & innovation to continue the PV tracker market boom
    Camron Barati | July 16, 2018
    This presentation provides an overview of the PV tracker market in the United States. Key topics addressed in the presentation include the identification of key US markets for ground-mounted PV, the breakdown of the ground-mounted PV market in the United States by mounting type...
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  • Progress update on the global ESS market
    Julian Jansen | July 10, 2018
    This presentation provided a summary of the IHS Markit global outlook for energy storage. It further evaluated the major trends shaping the energy storage industry including supply chain constraints, emerging applications and the convergence with e-mobility.
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  • Icon Research & Analysis Manager, Solar & Energy Storage
    Josefin Berg is a Research & Analysis Manager for the Solar & Energy Storage research group, where she performs market analysis of trends and strategies in the downstream part of the PV market.
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