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End-to-end research on the global solar industry from polysilicon to policy. Projects, prices, technologies, market shares, and manufacturing are covered in detail to provide the most actionable information on the solar industry.

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  • Holly Hu, Edurne Zoco | August 05, 2016
    On 1st August, 2016, Trina Solar announced that it had finalized a definitive agreement and plan of merger with Fortune Solar Holding Limited and Red Viburnum Company Limited, to acquire the company through an investor consortium in an all-cash transaction of approximately $1.1 billion. This will see the company delist from the New York Stock Exchange.
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  • Josefin Berg | July 20, 2016
    IHS notes that M&A of photovoltaic assets in Europe have slowed down by 27% in the first half of 2016 compared with the same period the previous year. The United Kingdom remains the largest country for PV asset transactions, followed by Italy and Spain. The largest buyers of PV projects in 2016 include Bluefield LLP, Next Energy Solar Fund and Cerberus Capital Management.
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  • Edurne Zoco | July 18, 2016
    A preliminary decision has ruled in favor of Hemlock in a legal case against Deutsche Solar (a subsidiary of SolarWorld) for not fulfilling a polysilicon supply contract, with the potential for Hemlock to start enforcement process after July 22. Although the final amount is yet to be confirmed, the contract was said to be worth $770 million – an amount that SolarWorld has publicly stated that it does not have the provisions to pay.
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Offers detailed and insightful analysis on the downstream solar market. The wide-ranging research—covering solar system installation, PV market potential, and impactful government policies—is designed to provide the most comprehensive market intelligence into this rapidly developing industry.
Identify and maximize near and long-term opportunities across the industry with unrivaled market research.
The IHS Global Solar Intelligence Service provides a detailed and accurate view into the established, growth and emerging solar markets. Whether you are a new entrant in the market or looking to grow your market share, this service delivers the market intelligence and insight you need to capitalize on the dynamically growing solar market.
Analyze and access near and long-term opportunities in this fast-paced industry with unrivaled market research
Comprises all of IHS offerings on the PV module supply chain in one single subscription package. With detailed and accurate data on the photovoltaics raw material
This Service provides current and credible forecasts and analysis for installed PV capacity in North America, O&M and EPC coverage, as well as tracking and analyzing project activity and Balance of System suppliers in North America. The research also includes detailed analysis of the supply chain, with coverage including module and inverter data.


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  • Preliminary Report
    Edurne Zoco | August 09, 2016
    The IHS Markit PV Module Suppliers Scorecard addresses the market need for vendor evaluation based on objective data and metrics. Our methodology produces scores that tell a nuanced story of the vendor landscape, one that conveys each player’s strengths and challenges. Based on actual data and metrics, the scores are made up of two overall categories: market presence and market momentum.
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  • Edurne Zoco | August 02, 2016
    This report analyses the current situation and future outlook of the main new cSi cell technologies that have been successfully ramped up to mass production levels. It provides historical data from 2015 and forecast data per technology type for the 2016–2020 period.
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  • Preliminary Report
    Sam Wilkinson | July 06, 2016
    The IHS PV Inverter Supplier Scorecard addresses the market need for vendor evaluation based on objective data and metrics. The IHS methodology produces scores that tell a nuanced story of the vendor landscape, conveying each player’s strengths and challenges.
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  • Three trends in the global PV Inverter market that are impacting the United States in 2016
    Camron Barati, Cormac Gilligan | August 09, 2016
    This presentation summarises the most important trends in the global PV inverter market that will impact the USA in 2016. The presentation was delivered by Cormac Gilligan at Intersolar and ees North America in San Francisco on 12th July 2016
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  • Ash Sharma | July 25, 2016
    IHS Technology analysts present key findings and insights from recent intelligence service deliverables, discuss the impact of recent market developments and answer clients’ questions. These Analyst Conference Calls are available to all Downstream PV Intelligence Service subscribers.
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  • Camron Barati, Sam Wilkinson, Ash Sharma, Edurne Zoco | July 15, 2016
    This presentation was delivered by four IHS solar analysts at an event hosted by IHS at Intersolar and ees North America in San Francisco on 12th July 2016.
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Demand and Supply Chain
    As the senior solar research analyst with IHS Solar in China, Frank Xie focuses on areas such as PV inverters, energy storage, system integration and PV demand. He is a well-known PV industry expert and has spoken at many high level events including SNEC, SolarCon, Intersolar China and Renewable Energy India, sharing perspectives about the global PV industry outlook.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Demand
    Josefin Berg is a senior analyst for the IHS solar research group, where she performs market analysis of trends and strategies in the downstream part of the PV market.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Demand
    Wade Shafer is a senior analyst for the IHS solar research group. He focuses his research on the North American downstream PV industry and policy environment.
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