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Physical video is the majority source of global home entertainment spending, even if it is a sector facing challenges as digital delivery vehicles expand in popularity. Nonetheless, a clear-sighted understanding of the space via both consumer- and trade-level data remains essential in situating physical video’s true context within the larger global media market.

Get the most incisive take on the subject with our extensive coverage of the physical discs and hardware market, applicable to both music and video.

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  • Merrick Kingston | September 13, 2018
    Nokia has sold the brunt its digital video business – comprising the firm’s CDN, Cloud DVR, and experience personalization solutions – to Canadian private equity firm Volaris Group. Volaris is likely to reconstitute the video assets under the Velocix brand. Nokia, for its part, will retain its system integration business, but will continue to market and sell Velocix’s solutions – becoming, in effect, a Velocix channel partner. The value of the transaction is not known.
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  • Constantinos Papavassilopoulos | September 12, 2018
    Israel’s subscription OTT video sector has experienced substantial growth since 2015, while over the same period, traditional pay TV platforms have sustained notable subscriber losses. However, online video’s growth has not been achieved solely at the expense of pay TV. Although cord-cutting has been observed, the new market entrants have successfully appealed to users in demographics previously underserved – primarily younger viewers – with virtual pay TV offerings. This trend has resulted in the expansion of the total base of users paying for video services.
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  • Merrick Kingston | September 05, 2018
    Cisco’s Service Provider Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) segment, acquired by private equity firm Permira, has been redubbed Synamedia. Although the transaction is not final – we expect it to conclude during the second half of calendar-year 2018 – Synamedia has enumerated four solution areas that will define the firm’s focus: anti-piracy services; RDK, Android TV, and one-way set-top box middleware solutions; cloud DVR solutions; low-latency OTT and ABR streaming solutions.
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