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Today’s television is more than just an end market that touches billions of lives. It’s a dynamic, global industry with far-reaching impact and influence. Is it any wonder that massive amounts of revenue are at stake worldwide in the generation, programming and distribution of televised material?

Gain deep insight into this complex, vital global space with our careful analysis of business trends, coupled with accurate data gleaned from the entire television value chain—everything from content development to production to delivery, via the free and pay-TV channels.

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  • Ryan Doherty | December 11, 2018
    ITV expects its fourth quarter ad revenue for 2018 to fall 3%, which it has attributed to economic uncertainty associated with the protracted Brexit negotiations. Its outlook suggests net advertising revenue will be broadly flat in 2018, dampening expectations about the overall resilience of the UK TV ad market.
  • Hisakazu Torii, Paul Gray | December 03, 2018
    On December 1st, the first 4K and 8K TV broadcasts were launched by NHK, available via two satellite channels. 4K broadcasts will be available for 18 hours daily while 8K will be available for 12 hours daily. These broadcasts will include HDR (HLG format), wide color gamut (BT.2020) and in 22.2 channel audio.
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  • Sivalingam Muniandi, Jun Wen Woo | November 27, 2018
    KDDI and Rakuten have announced an agreement to utilize each other’s assets in telecommunication, payment and logistics to improve customer experience and further strengthen their competitiveness in these fields. The deal will allow Rakuten to use KDDI’s network to enter the mobile market, while KDDI can make use of Rakuten’s payment and logistics infrastructure.
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Subscription Services

Holistic, global view of the rapidly evolving advertising and marketing terrain. The only product of global scope and reach to cover in detail established media including cinema, magazines, newspapers, radio and television; as well as the emerging, digital-driven landscape of mobile and online platforms.
Broadband Media Intelligence provides detailed, constantly updated company and market information on the broadband access and online entertainment industries of 50 markets worldwide.
Providing the complete picture of the global channel and programming content industry with detailed market sizing metrics including revenues for TV channels and online services at worldwide and country levels, segmented by advertising revenues, public funding, carriage fees and direct-to-consumer subscriptions.
IHS Markit Connected Devices & Media Consumption Intelligence Service - Premium combines key addressable market information with in-depth consumer survey data and analysis to provide unparalleled coverage of connected devices and media consumption.
"Must have" analysis of the major consumer technology platforms and ecosystems and how they are transforming the digital world.
Full analysis of emerging markets and the fast-rising digital audience around the world, with forecasts for over 100 countries. Metrics cover all parts of a multiplay offering, including mobile, pay TV, fixed broadband and voice.
The IHS Markit TV & Online Video Intelligence Service - Premium provides key metrics for video distribution across TV and online video platforms for over 100 individual countries and eight regional totals, offering clients the most complete picture of video consumption available.
Critical research that leverages long-standing relationships with operators in over 70 markets, resulting in the only truly comprehensive source of television market intelligence available anywhere in the world.
The IHS Markit TV Sets Intelligence Service offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.
IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service - Premium offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.


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  • Dan Cryan | December 13, 2018
    Twitch sits at the intersection of three of Amazon’s major strategic initiatives: video, advertising and video games. Its scale as a live online video platform has few peers in the Western World and its influence can be felt on the product strategies of other web giants like YouTube and Facebook.
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  • December 07, 2018
    This report is based on primary quantitative data analysis and secondary qualitative research of fixed broadband operators. In this report, IHS Markit analyzes the availability and uptake of fixed broadband services through technology (xdsl, cable and FTTP) and operators in the Latin American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.
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  • Icon Tim Westcott | December 06, 2018
    The Media & Technology Digest provides a monthly analysis of the key trends and innovations shaping the global technology landscape. Written by our senior analysts the digest includes a detailed focus on key industry hot topics, analysis of all major industry and product announcements with in-depth examinations of significant industry trends.
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  • Ken Park | December 12, 2018
    The TV Sets Shipment Tracker Database contains shipment and shipment area data across display type, screen size, manufacturer, and resolution on a global level. The database contains historic data from January 2012 to the last month and forecasts 3 months forward from the previous month.
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  • December 10, 2018 Subscribers Only
  • December 05, 2018
    Operator Multiplay Intelligence TRAX is designed to help clients understand the scope, size and the impact of various multiplay business models worldwide via a visual, interactive format.
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  • Icon Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms
    Mr. Erik Brannon, the associate director of research and analysis at IHS Markit, specializes in pay-TV operators and channels.
  • Icon Associate Director, Television Media
    Ms. Fateha Begum is an associate director of the Television Media Team at IHS Markit.
  • Icon Executive Director – Media, Service Providers & Platforms
    Ms. Maria Rua Aguete is an executive director of Media, Service Providers & Platforms at IHS Markit.

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