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The leisure gaming sector is experiencing deep and disruptive changes in its business models, distribution, industry and platforms. Staying “in the game” requires a strategic grasp of the rapidly shifting game-plays animating this lucrative and evolving global market.

Gain the upper hand in the dynamic, competitive universe of games media with our substantive coverage and rigorous tracking of the global interactive leisure software marketplace.

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  • Piers Harding-Rolls | February 19, 2018
    This end of 2017 analysis looks at the World performance of console hardware and software. Note this is a subscriber only update; please login to view.
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  • Steve Bailey | February 13, 2018
    The shift to digital purchasing has continued apace on consoles in 2017, and the digital stores themselves have evolved, albeit gradually. An emerging tactic for improving visibility is bundling, which we’ll take a look at here, using PSN’s recent store behaviour over the end-2017 holiday period as an illustration.
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  • Chenyu Cui | February 08, 2018
    Shanda Games confirmed investment of RMB 3 billion ($452million) from Tencent this week. The deal marks the latest games-related investment by Tencent after its acquisition of Supercell. The spokesman from Shanda Games has not revealed the size of stake but suggested that the two companies will expand their partnership beyond online gaming. Also, Shanda Games has indicated it will accelerate the process of becoming an A-shares company (i.e. traded on both the Shanghai and Shenzen stock markets).
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Complete and up-to-date market data, information and analysis on the global interactive leisure software marketplace. Coverage includes well-established games markets such as consoles and handhelds, digital games and subscription services, as well as emerging areas including eSports and virtual reality. Also provides extensive visibility into the Asia games markets.
Comprehensive coverage of the games sector, providing ongoing access to a continuous flow of research across geographies, topics and platforms. Coverage includes a tactical by territory view of games content and games hardware opportunities by each and every segment of the market with Industry competitive dynamics including: company and title performance, content pricing, funding and acquisition analysis.


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  • Icon Director – Research and Analysis Director, Games, IHS Markit
    Mr. Piers Harding-Rolls is a director of Research and Analysis Games at IHS Markit, focuses on the evolution of games.
  • Icon Principal Senior Analyst, Games, IHS Markit
    Steve Bailey is a principal senior analyst for Games at IHS Markit.

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