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The leisure gaming sector is experiencing deep and disruptive changes in its business models, distribution, industry and platforms. Staying “in the game” requires a strategic grasp of the rapidly shifting game-plays animating this lucrative and evolving global market.

Gain the upper hand in the dynamic, competitive universe of games media with our substantive coverage and rigorous tracking of the global interactive leisure software marketplace.

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Complete and up-to-date market data, information and analysis on the global interactive leisure software marketplace. Coverage includes well-established games markets such as consoles and handhelds, digital games and subscription services, as well as emerging areas including eSports and virtual reality. Also provides extensive visibility into the Asia games markets.
Comprehensive coverage of the games sector, providing ongoing access to a continuous flow of research across geographies, topics and platforms. Coverage includes a tactical by territory view of games content and games hardware opportunities by each and every segment of the market with Industry competitive dynamics including: company and title performance, content pricing, funding and acquisition analysis.


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  • Steve Bailey | November 21, 2017
    The first half of 2017 sees a number of well-received Japan-developed games released for PS4 and Xbox One, whose prices hold extremely steady for the whole period, indicating a reluctance from retailers to court price-sensitive users.
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  • Icon Tim Westcott | November 10, 2017
    The Media & Technology Digest provides a monthly analysis of the key trends and innovations shaping the global technology landscape. Written by our senior analysts the digest includes a detailed focus on key industry hot topics, analysis of all major industry and product announcements with in-depth examinations of significant industry trends.
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  • Chenyu Cui | October 12, 2017
    Nexon continues to maintain its lead in Q2 2017, capturing 58% share of the whole PC games business. This was due to poor performance from its major competitors, who were affected by seasonality and occupied by mobile.
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Games
    Christine Arrington is a Senior Analyst, Games at IHS. She has extensive experience in market analysis in the game industry, and game content creation technologies ranging from middleware to 3D content creation tools.
  • Icon Director – Research and Analysis Director, Games, IHS Markit
    Mr. Piers Harding-Rolls is a director of Research and Analysis Games at IHS Markit, focuses on the evolution of games.
  • Icon Principal Senior Analyst, Games, IHS Markit
    Steve Bailey is a principal senior analyst for Games at IHS Markit.

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