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Informed analysis and insights upon the worldwide cinema industry

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Cinema worldwide continues to evolve in numerous directions. Digital cinema is now the format of choice bringing with it major changes in content distribution, packaging, and production methods. If you want to succeed in this increasingly complex business, you’ll need a trusted source of comprehensive market intelligence.


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  • Icon Tim Westcott | January 11, 2017 Subscribers Only
  • David Hancock | November 18, 2016
    If you are in the film industry, the chances are you have heard of Dalian Wanda Group. You should have. From nowhere, Wanda is building up a formidable presence in the film and cinema sectors with a stated ambition of being the foremost integrated film company in the world. This is no mean feat when the US studios have ruled the roost for so long.
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  • David Hancock | November 17, 2016
    The Chinese cinema market has been the talk of the industry for some years, and is responsible for driving a change in strategic direction amongst the larger film producers and distributors around the globe. However, the slowdown in box office growth so far this year is causing some concern and brings into question how much further the market has to grow before it becomes a mature one.
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  • Charlotte Jones | November 05, 2015
    Charlotte Jones, Principal Analyst gave a presentation at the 2015 IHS PEVE conference outlining the core drivers in the wider shift towards Premium Cinema plus insights on the growth of premium large format screens (PLF), the competitive market for global branded screens and the rise of 4D cinema.
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  • David Hancock | April 30, 2015
    David Hancock, IHS' Research Director of Film and Cinema gave a presentation at the recent CinemaCon event in Las Vegas as the opener to a session on Cinema as the Premium Experience. The presentation gives the latest brief update on digital cinema progress (almost complete hence the brevity) and some data points with regards to laser-illuminated projection and immersive audio. The speech ended by contextualising cinema in the transactional value chain of film consumption.
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  • David Hancock | November 10, 2014
    A presentation outlining the development and role of technology in film and cinemas, leading up to an analysis of an increased segmentation of the sector and its role within the overall transactional value chain of film.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Cinema
    Charlotte is a Principal Analyst in the IHS Cinema team focusing on the global cinema business and a specialist on digital and 3D market trends.
  • Icon Director, Cinema
    David is a senior expert on the global film and cinema sectors. He is the head of the Film and Cinema department with IHS and has overseen its development in this area since 1997. This includes the set-up of the online data and analysis service, Cinema Intelligence, and he is also in charge of the company’s digital cinema activities.
  • Icon Analyst, Cinema
    Xin Zhang joined IHS in January 2011 as an analyst in the cinema team, undertaking the operational aspects of the Cinema Intelligence service. Prior to joining IHS, Xin worked in China...

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