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Today’s advertising professional must navigate a rapidly changing and fragmented environment, with numerous and diverse elements vying for consumer mindshare. As mobile apps and online platforms have increased in popularity, advertisers are finding it harder than ever to get the attention of their target audience.

Attain a holistic, global view of the modern advertising world and its myriad challenges with our timely analysis and data on established media including cinema, magazines, newspapers, radio and television—as well as the emerging, digital-driven landscape of mobile and online platforms.

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  • Qingzhen (Jessie) Chen | September 01, 2017
    The US National Football League (NFL) and Tencent signed a deal on 21 August, which gives the Chinese internet giant exclusive rights to digitally stream games online in China for three years until 2019. Acquiring foreign sports rights is part of a wider content strategy to retain users or encourage users to spend more time with Tencent’s various platforms. As for NFL, China is an ideal market to benefit from the digitisation of sports viewing and expand NFL’s audience base as the Asian country has almost 1 billion online users.
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  • Daniel Knapp, PhD, Qingzhen (Jessie) Chen | August 14, 2017
    Facebook has revamped its video product with a new feature called ‘Watch’ that introduces TV-like original programming in order to incentivise consumers to spend more time on the platform and grow lucrative video advertising revenue. Facebook’s push into original, TV-like content is both an offensive strategy to attract TV ad budgets, but also comes as a defensive move following the push by Snapchat, YouTube, and other platforms to become premium video destination. Facebook has the opportunity to stand out for creators over other platforms by offering better analytics tools that help creators track and understand their audiences, anticipate audience demand and aid in the development of future content for well-defined niches.
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  • Jun Wen Woo, Kia Ling Teoh | July 28, 2017
    Three of South Korea's leading broadcasters have launched Kocowa (Korean Content Wave), an online video streaming service, in the US. The service, launched on 24 July, is backed by Korean Content Platform (KCP), a US-based joint venture company between Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). The service offers content from these broadcasters with English subtitles, with some shows airing six hours after broadcast in South Korea.


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  • Icon Tim Westcott | October 05, 2017
    The Media & Technology Digest provides a monthly analysis of the key trends and innovations shaping the global technology landscape. Written by our senior analysts the digest includes a detailed focus on key industry hot topics, analysis of all major industry and product announcements with in-depth examinations of significant industry trends.
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  • Qingzhen (Jessie) Chen, Kia Ling Teoh | August 17, 2017
    The bi-annual M&A Market Monitor identifies the key investments in the media landscape. Traditional advertising players, broadcasting groups, agency titans, and online giants are the main investors, but we are increasingly witnessing telecoms, private equity firms, and consultancy firms engage in similar activities.
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  • Kia Ling Teoh, Qingzhen (Jessie) Chen | July 11, 2017
    Our annual Global Mobile Advertising Revenue study shows the market reached $83 billion in 2016, driven by a “mobile-first” consumer environment and improving marketing technologies. This report takes a deep dive into the growth of each region, and format (display, search, and messaging).
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  • Daniel Knapp, PhD | July 11, 2017
    At Interact Congress 2017 in Amsterdam, Daniel Knapp presented IAB Europe's Adex Benchmark, an annual survey of online advertising spend in Europe. The research enables like-for-like comparison of 27 European online advertising markets across display, video, mobile, search and classifieds & directories.
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  • Orpheas Tapanlis | June 02, 2017
    What drives the programmatic market and what drives the ad markets generally? The answer is video programmatic as it is the fastest growing sector with almost 40% compound annual growth rate. Commoditisation of programmatic in the more advanced markets causes the harmonisation of the market- a wider adoption of programmatic due to the universal effects of data and algorithms.
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  • February 08, 2017
    This presentation deciphers the four facets of programmatic TV advertising and provides real-world examples of programmatic TV applications in different countries. It is an introduction to the complex world of programmatic TV advertising and a useful guide for any broadcaster and cable group developing programmatic TV capabilities.
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  • Icon Senior Director, Media & Advertising
    Daniel is a Senior Director at IHS Markit, where he oversees the global advertising research, consulting and forecasting practice. His key research areas include the future of TV and video, social media platforms, advertising-funded business models, programmatic advertising, AI-driven marketing, and data strategies.
  • Icon Senior Research Analyst – Advertising & Television Media, IHS Markit
    Ms. Kia Ling Teoh is a senior research analyst, Advertising & Television Media at IHS Markit.

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