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  • Orpheas Tapanlis | February 24, 2017
    Amobee, the advertising technology arm of Singapore’s telco giant Singtel, is acquiring Turn for a reported $310m. Turn is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) with 15 offices in Europe, APAC and the Americas. The company is headquartered in California. Since its launch in 2006 Turn has raised $160m in funding with half of it secured in 2014. Amobee itself was an early Singtel acquisition dating back to 2012, fetching a sale price of $321m.
  • Orpheas Tapanlis | February 10, 2017
    Central European Media Enterprises (CME) has reported their annual results highlighting a growth of 5% compared to 2015 in their net advertising revenues (NAR). This growth was driven by the strong performance in four out of the six countries in which they operate. Moreover, CME maintained its leading position in terms of TV ad market share and audience ratings across all of their territories.
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  • Orpheas Tapanlis | January 26, 2017
    MTG, the Swedish broadcaster, has divested from traditional TV media in the Czech Republic and is looking to strengthen its gaming vertical by further investing in InnoGames, a games developer and publisher. MTG has announced that it will sell its 50% stake in FTV Prima to local business leaders Vladimír Komár and Ivan Zach, making the latter the majority owner with a 62.5% share. The deal values FTV Prima at €237.4 million ($ million). This is a significant earn out in the CEE context; ProSiebenSat1 sold its operations in Romania in 2015 for €10.2 million.
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  • Eleni Marouli | February 08, 2017
    This presentation deciphers the four facets of programmatic TV advertising and provides real-world examples of programmatic TV applications in different countries. It is an introduction to the complex world of programmatic TV advertising and a useful guide for any broadcaster and cable group developing programmatic TV capabilities.
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  • Daniel Knapp, PhD | December 05, 2016
    What’s the state of video programmatic in Nordics versus the rest of Europe, and how does the programmatic video ecosystem evolve? Daniel Knapp provided answers in this presentation at SpotX’s Nordic launch event in Stockholm.
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  • Daniel Knapp, PhD | October 12, 2016
    This slidedeck was presented by Daniel Knapp at the Evening Seminar, The Future of Digital Advertising, on October 4, 2016. It outlines the new players and data infrastructures in the digital advertising landscape. The presentation explores M&A strategies, how different companies build advertising ecosytems and looks at how Facebook, Google, big media companies, but also advertisers, CRM companies and large auditing firms develop advertising technology and marketing technology offering.
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  • Icon Senior Director, Media & Advertising
    Daniel is a Senior Director at IHS Markit, where he oversees the global advertising research, consulting and forecasting practice. His key research areas include the future of TV and video, social media platforms, advertising-funded business models, programmatic advertising, AI-driven marketing, and data strategies.
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    Eleni Marouli is a Principal Analyst and Manager in the media group at IHS Markit.
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    Kia Ling joined IHS in April 2014 as an analyst, based in Penang, Malaysia. She monitors and models development in advertising and television programming in the Asia Pacific region.

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