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Network function, storage and server virtualization, as well as the growing demand for cloud-based provisioning of enterprise IT solutions—these are disruptive developments radically changing the face of enterprise IT, networking and communication.

Get the complete picture on how the enterprise market will develop as these trends are realized with our broad and deep reportage on the data and communication networks deployed by small and medium businesses, enterprises and government organizations. Coverage includes hardware, software, services and component suppliers.

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  • Arun Suresh, Clifford Grossner | September 20, 2017
    The nature of many applications is changing to become more data intensive as the number of data points that must be processed multiplies. In addition, many algorithms need to perform the same calculations on each data point in large data sets, introducing the opportunity for performing these calculations in parallel. The need for parallel computing became obvious with the work of the AlexNet team winning the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) and Google’s Brain Team advancing the science of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and providing an open source machine learning library for neural network-based ML called TensorFlow. Other examples of applications needing parallel computation include advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) used in self-driving cars and real-time rendering for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), climate analysis, and financial trend analysis. Clients, please log in to read the full insight.
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  • Michael Howard | September 06, 2017
    Network traffic is exploding in India, and operators are scrambling to ensure their network capacities are ready for this onslaught. Two significant offerings with unlimited mobile data are particularly responsible for increased mobile broadband usage across India: Google’s WiFi in railroad stations and Reliance Jio’s new network. This Analyst Insight focuses on Jio. Clients, please log in to view the full content.
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  • Vladimir Galabov, Clifford Grossner | August 14, 2017
    In June, AMD reentered the data center with a new SoC, demonstrating new record SPECint scores. AMD’s EPYC scored 18% higher than the prior record holder, Intel’s E7 8894 v4 . At the launch event in Austin, Texas, over a dozen server designs were shown from eight server OEMs, including HPE, Dell EMC, and Supermicro. AMD also revealed that Microsoft and Baidu lead the list of first adopters. With a high core count, well suited for virtualization and data analytics workloads, high I/O allowing a direct link to coprocessors, and a competitive price at less than half of Intel’s E7-8890 v4, AMD seems set to take market share in the data center. Clients, please log in to view the full content.
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Global in-depth coverage of data center compute equipment used by enterprises and cloud and telecom providers
Total visibility into the entire routing and switching market, including overall equipment market leaders, and the trends and plans of both service providers and enterprises
Global, in-depth coverage of data and communication networks deployed by small and medium businesses, enterprises, and government organizations
Global, in-depth coverage of business communications equipment, software, and services deployed by SMBs and enterprises
Critical insights into the market for optical equipment and components used by service providers, data centers and enterprises for metro as well as core network transport. Includes optical network hardware, optical transport network (OTN) and packet-optical hardware, data center optics, telecom optics and components, 100G+ coherent optical equipment ports and more.
Detailed analysis of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) deployed in service provider, data center and enterprise networks. Includes data center as well as enterprise SDN hardware and software, carrier SDN hardware, software and services, and NFV hardware.
This service provides comprehensive coverage of the storage market for both component vendors and users of storage devices by examining the significant trends and technologies impacting the industry.


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  • Craig Stice | September 20, 2017
    Storage Space Market takes a look at HDD manufacturers’ unit shipment history by applications, average HDD capacity, and total capacity shipped and provides forecasts going forward.
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  • Diane Myers | September 12, 2017
    The UC as a Service Market Report provides accurate data and analyses—including market size, forecasts, and market trends—to help clients make better business decisions in the hosted PBX and UC services market.
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  • Pablo Tomasi | September 08, 2017
    This Smart City Profile is one of a series produced as part of the IHS Smart Cities Intelligence Series. These dedicated studies are designed to complement the group’s already extensive research portfolio by providing in-depth analysis on market development at the individual city level. These profiles provide a valuable bench-marking tool for clients active in the global smart cities market.
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  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, Storage
    Craig Stice is a senior principal analyst responsible for forecasting and analysis of the storage markets including solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). Prior to his work in the storage markets, Craig was an analyst covering compute electronics systems at IHS, which included the PC and server industries.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Data Center and Cloud
    Fang Zhang is responsible for research in areas such as Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Optical Disk Drives (ODDs) as well as Storage Area Networks (SAN)...
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