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Reliable, in-depth market research and consultancy services for the medical device industry. Coverage includes medical imaging equipment, remote patient monitoring, consumer medical devices, medical displays, performance monitoring and other wearable technologies.

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  • Roeen Roashan | June 28, 2016
    Last week, the Digital Health World Congress held in London, England, hosted a series of talks and discussions around the ever-evolving world of digital health. The emphasis was on topics related to data in healthcare, artificial intelligence and genomics – three topics IHS identifies as the fundamental pillars of personalization in healthcare.
  • Roeen Roashan | June 21, 2016
    In the midst of transforming the healthcare sector, to counter the enormous challenges associated with chronic disease prevalence and aging population, the industry may occasionally risk losing oversight on simple, but important matters related to health.
  • Jessica Edge | June 17, 2016
    In late 2015, the Medical Imaging Modernization Act of 2015 was announced to provide payment incentives to encourage image providers to transition from traditional X-ray imaging to digital radiography. As part of this legislation, reimbursement payments will be cut from 2017 for images produced with analogue film X-ray equipment by 20%. The cut in reimbursement for computed radiography (CR) equipment will be more gradual; from 2018 to 2022 there will be a 7% reduction in payments for images produced with CR equipment, increasing to a 10% reduction from 2023 onward.


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Digital health forecasts for revenues, units and ASPs across more than 30 distinct product types, and 4 key application areas.
This research package includes four separate modules that provide market sizing, 5-year forecasts and sub-regional market share analysis for key respiratory markets. Each module includes quantitative analysis, supported by a qualitative assessment of the market, from macro-healthcare trends to market-specific factors. Please click on PDF to get more information on the markets covered.
Advance your competitive position by leveraging IHS’ uniquely comprehensive data and insights on ultrasound technology and market dynamics.
The IHS Wearable Technology Intelligence Service leverages the ongoing research of experts in the fields of consumer electronics, critical communications, industrial automation, medical devices, mobile devices, power, and sports & fitness.
​Advance your competitive position by leveraging IHS’ uniquely comprehensive data and insights on X-ray technology and market dynamics.


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  • October 06, 2015
    This presentation provides an overview of the recent mammography X-ray deliverable, focusing on key global and regional trends, in addition to analysis of variance and market shares.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Healthcare Technology
    Kelly Patrick is a principal analyst within the Healthcare Technology, part of IHS Technology. Kelly is focused primarily on developing market studies in the clinical care device...
  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, Healthcare Technology
    Shane Walker is a Senior Principal Analyst on the Healthcare Technology team at IHS. Shane’s current medical technology coverage areas include telehealth, medical displays, healthcare IT, sports monitoring and other wearable technology.

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