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The balance between managing rising costs and providing an adequate level of care continues to drive change in the medical devices market.

Advance your competitive position by leveraging our trusted coverage, unique insights and distinctive takes on the medical devices and equipment market of key healthcare sectors, including ultrasound, X-ray, digital health, infusion pumps and wearables. Methodical analysis and critical industry data provide context and visibility.

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  • Shane Walker | February 18, 2020
    IHS Markit (now a part of Informa Tech) speaks with Dr. Matt Deng, Chief Scientist and Director of Infervision North America, about the company’s targeted AI which has already been used in 10,000 coronavirus cases.
  • Adam Davidson , Shane Walker | February 05, 2020
    Although the year 2020 has only just begun, it is gearing up to be a monumental year for politics in the United States. From the impeachment trial of President Trump in January and February, to the Democratic Party primaries spanning from February to July, and the presidential election in November, the 2020 agenda is jam-packed. Events throughout the year could have lasting repercussions on the political and economic landscape of the country, nearing the top of the list of Americans concerns is healthcare policy.
  • Bhvita Jani | January 31, 2020
    As the death toll of the coronavirus has now reached 213, global apprehension continues to rise in response to the epidemic, with increased measures of quarantine and medical screening, and travelers from China being sanctioned. Mounting pressure and demand for mass screening in China, to the nation which hosts the largest population in the world, is well underway. Current developments in medical imaging show how technology can be engineered to combat major disease to help reduce mortality rates


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A comprehensive view of devices supporting healthcare delivery across key applications including laboratory, clinical research, diagnostic, therapy, ambulatory, and consumer, with further breakdown on more than 60 sub-application markets.
Advance your competitive position with superior coverage of ultrasound technology and markets. This service features a clinical application database and an ultrasound equipment database that provide the five-year forecast for 20 applications and 9 ultrasound product types.
Advance your competitive position with leading X-ray technology and market intelligence. This service features our X-ray Equipment Database, which provides detailed revenue, unit shipment and ASP five-year forecasts for numerous X-ray products in more than 30 countries.


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  • Bhvita Jani | February 19, 2020
    This report is the third edition of the Flat-panel Detector Supply report, providing market sizing, market forecasts and competitive analysis. Flat-panel detector products are segmented by size, application, image type, connection type, market segment, panel type and panel supply.
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  • Bhvita Jani | February 07, 2020
    This is the eighth edition of the MRI Equipment Report which analyzes the industry by product type, in terms of revenues, units, and average selling price by country. For each product segment, market size estimates for 2018 and forecasts through to 2023 are provided.
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  • Shane Walker | January 30, 2020
    This report extends analysis of the Healthcare Equipment Service by providing a means for categorizing the levels of portability across product types and applications. This report classifies all products, not only those with a high level of portability.
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  • All Modality Data
    Bhvita Jani | January 23, 2020
    This file combines all of the X-ray modality data provided in the X-ray Intelligence Service in a pivot data and pivot table format. Allowing easy manipulation and comparison of data across the different modality types.
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  • Adam Davidson | December 20, 2019
    The ultrasound market intelligence service provides continuous coverage of the global ultrasound market. This service features a clinical application database and an ultrasound equipment database that provide the five-year forecast for 20 applications and 9 ultrasound product types.
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  • Shane Walker | December 03, 2019
    A comprehensive database detailing market sizing in terms of revenues (US$) and unit shipments for healthcare equipment across key application markets, with further breakdown on more than 60 sub-application markets.
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  • Icon Research Manager, Healthcare Technology, IHS Markit
    Kelly Patrick manages the Healthcare Technology team, which is part of the technology practice at IHS Markit.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Medical Technology, IHS Markit
    Shane Walker is a principal analyst with IHS Markit, his primary focus is medical devices and healthcare IT.

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