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Reversing several years of contraction, the industrial automation equipment market is poised to begin growing again. In particular, discrete safety equipment and computer numeric controls are expected to grow significantly faster than the industry average due in part to the rise of industrial IoT as well as to rapid growth in robotics.

Get ahead of the transformations in the automation industry with our comprehensive coverage of smart manufacturing, controllers, industrial communications, process instrumentation and visualization.

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This service provides a comprehensive analysis of the merchant (or open) market for embedded computing.
The generators research package is split into five databases: low power; medium power; high power; wind generators; and generator sets. Each database includes a stand-alone PDF and excel file. The excel pivot tool and accompanying tables and figures offer ultimate flexibility when using the data.
The best single source for following this growing market, the IHS Industrial Communications Intelligence Service - Annual offers you trusted forecasts, most up to date market data, detailed insights, and deep analysis on industrial automation networking adoption and trends. You will also receive direct access to IHS' expert analysts in industrial communications.
This service quantifies the $1.6 billion world market for industrial ethernet components in terms of manufacturer, unit shipments and average selling prices.
The Industrial IoT Intelligence Service delivers quarterly reports with detailed analysis of key trends and supplier activity in addition to monthly newsletters highlighting key developments and the Factory of the Future series of reports.
This annual intelligence service delivers a flagship report once per year, with additional insights and market briefs throughout the year. The service includes quarterly updates providing insights into key verticals and product news, detailed analysis on 6 different IPC product types, as well as revenue, shipment, and pricing forecasts to 2019.
This report provides detailed analysis of I/O module market by controller type, functionality, and protection level as well as revenue, shipment, and pricing forecasts to 2019.
A key challenge facing IoT developers and adopters is the complexity inherent in creating and managing IoT applications. IoT platforms are software and services that reduce this complexity by abstracting away from developers and users many of the horizontal features and functionality common to IoT applications across a range of use cases and verticals. However, there are hundreds of IoT platform vendors currently. This intelligence service sizes and forecasts the IoT platform market, and provides an assessment of the strategic issues and trends impacting the market.
This annual intelligence service delivers a flagship report once per year, with additional insights and market briefs throughout the year. It presents the latest market trends impacting the global operator terminal markets, with detailed analysis by product type, industry sector, sub-region, and technical segment from 2015 to 2022.
This service provides detailed, up-to-date qualitative and quantitative analysis of the PLCs market.
Advance your competitive position and invest with confidence by leveraging IHS Markit’s critical insight in the global process instrumentation market. The Process Instrumentation Research Package consists of four databases offering unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging instrumentation technologies.


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  • Edition Year: 2018-2019
    Alex West, Susanne Cumberland, Syed Mohsin Ali | December 21, 2018
    IHS Markit Technology presents a new, highly detailed report on the world market for industrial Communication technologies. This report analyzes the market for the industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, and wireless technologies used within the industrial space.
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  • Edition Year: 2018-2019
    Brian Arbuckle | November 28, 2018
    The goal of this report is to . Considerable emphasis is placed on providing the reader with the latest information on how present economic conditions will affect the industrial PC market in the future.
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  • Syed Mohsin Ali | October 11, 2018
    This is a series of three editions delivered throughout the year to subscribers of the “Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Components Intelligence Service - Annual."
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  • Sam Lucero | December 12, 2018
    Market forecasts of the cumulative volume of devices under management by IoT platforms and the resulting annual platform service revenue. These forecasts are global in scope, segmented by region, platform type, and device type, and cover the period from 2015 to 2030.
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  • Sam Lucero | December 12, 2018
    Comprehensive list of hundreds of IoT platform vendors, filterable by numerous criteria, including platform type, platform introduction (year), funding type, headquarters location, number of employees, and more.
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  • Process Instrumentation Research Package
    Greg Johnson | May 18, 2018
    The Process Instrumentation Research Package provides forecasts and analysis of the market for four instrumentation types: flowmeters, level measurement devices, pressure transmitters, and temperature transmitters. For each database, the market is segmented to provide a tertiary level of analysis, presenting market sizes and forecasts by product, region, industry sector, communication type, and other technical segmentations. Data is presented using a base year of 2017 and forecast market growth through to 2022.
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  • Icon Senior Research Manager, Manufacturing Technology
    Within the Manufacturing Technology Group at IHS Markit, Mark manages a team of analysts producing highly detailed annual market statistics for discrete automation, capital equipment, industrial communications, smart manufacturing, switchgear, industrial robotics and vertical machinery markets.

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