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Detailed analysis and comprehensive coverage of the digital identification and IT security market

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Global, in-depth coverage of threat mitigation technologies used by enterprises and service providers to protect networks, data centers, the cloud, mobile devices, and IoT
The Digital Security Intelligence Service provides continuous coverage of the smart credential market, including report coverage on SIM, Payment, eGovernment, Transportation, Chip-to-Cloud Security and NFC. This also includes competitive market shares, topical reports, market insights...


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  • Alexander Derricott, Don Tait | March 10, 2015 Subscribers Only
  • Don Tait | November 19, 2014
    As the proliferation of digital devices and services risks to outpace our ability to protect goods from attackers, Chip-to-Cloud security has an increasing role to play in offering dedicated and advanced end-to-end digital security. Strong authentication is required which need to be secure and convenient...
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  • Don Tait | November 19, 2014
    Much has been written about the relative strengths and weaknesses of NFC and HCE over the last year or so. Some of this has been based on fact and some has been based on fiction. This presentation tries to analyse and distinguish between the myths and the realities behind NFC and HCE...
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  • Icon Analyst, Access Control & Fire
    Alexander Derricott is a market analyst in the Digital ID and IT Security group, with a focus on the areas of smart cards, payment, e-government, NFC and contactless systems.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity & Digital ID
    Don Tait brings over fifteen years of market research experience to his role as principal analyst within the IHS Technology group. He specializes in the areas of smart cards, payment and banking cards, NFC, and contactless credentials.
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