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  • Don Tait | August 25, 2016
    Shipments of smart card integrated circuits (ICs) are projected to increase to 10.9 billion in 2016, up from 10.5 billion in 2015, according to latest research from IHS Markit. Trends in IC shipments are closely linked to the trends happening in smart cards themselves.
  • Jeff Wilson | July 27, 2016
    IHS Markit analysis and commentary on the H1 2016 DDoS Prevention Appliances Biannual Market Tracker, which includes data for the half-year ended March 2016, follows.
  • Jeff Wilson | June 15, 2016
    As I was sitting down Sunday afternoon, getting ready to root the San Jose Sharks to victory (sadly, no luck), I grabbed my phone to do a final peek at e-mail for the day, and wouldn’t you know, there was big news. Blue Coat has been travelling heavily down the IPO path for the last few quarters but ended up taking a U-turn—they were acquired by the struggling Symantec Corporation for $4.65B, nearly double what Bain Capital paid for them only a year ago. I’ll be sitting down with executives from Blue Coat later this week to discuss the acquisition, but here are my quick thoughts.
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The Digital Security Intelligence Service provides continuous coverage of the smart credential market, including report coverage on SIM, payment, eGovernment, transportation, Chip-to-Cloud security and NFC. This also includes competitive market shares, topical reports, regional project databases and up-to-date analyst insights.


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  • Icon Analyst, Access Control & Fire
    Alexander Derricott is a market analyst in the Access Control & Fire group, with a focus electronic physical access control hardware, software and supporting services.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity & Digital ID
    Don Tait brings over fifteen years of market research experience to his role as principal analyst within the IHS Technology group. He specializes in the areas of smart cards, payment and banking cards, NFC, and contactless credentials.
  • Icon Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity Technology
    With more than 18 years in the data networking and telecom industry and one of the most accurate forecast track records in the business, Jeff is a certifiable network security market guru. He has expertise in a wide variety of network security appliance, software, and services markets.
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