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The enormous rise in incidence and sophistication of cyberattacks over the years has driven an increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions across a range of applications, including automotive, healthcare, industrial utilities, telecom, payment and digital ID cards.

Assess the complexity of cybersecurity threats and challenges, as well as the diversity of the market for cyber solutions, with our detailed analysis of individual vertical markets—from market-specific operating models to key trends and development opportunities for future cyber revenues.

Our comprehensive digital ID research offers deep insight into SIM/eSIM, near field and proximity payments, fraud protection, mPOS, payment cards, E-government and healthcare ID cards, and identity management.

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Global, in-depth coverage of threat mitigation technologies used by enterprises and service providers to protect networks, data centers, the cloud, mobile devices, and IoT


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  • Jeff Wilson | April 03, 2018
    This annual market report provides accurate data and analysis - including market size, forecasts, and market trends - to help clients make better business decisions in the cloud and CPE managed security services market.
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  • Don Tait | January 18, 2018
    This two volume report provides coverage in several key areas of the Identity & Access management market, including access management and identity governance & administration. Given the complexity of cybersecurity threats and the diversity of the market for cyber solutions, IHS Markit provides this detailed analysis of individual vertical markets from market specific operating models to key trends and development opportunities providing for the first time an analysis of where the future revenues from identity management will arise.
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  • Jeff Wilson | January 17, 2018
    The Next Gen Threat Prevention Strategies & Vendor Leadership North America Ent. Survey analyzes the trends and assesses the needs of enterprises wrestling with serious security architecture issues.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity & Digital ID
    Don Tait brings over fifteen years of market research experience to his role as principal analyst within the IHS Technology group. He specializes in the areas of smart cards, payment and banking cards, NFC, and contactless credentials.
  • Icon Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity Technology
    With more than 18 years in the data networking and telecom industry and one of the most accurate forecast track records in the business, Jeff is a certifiable network security market guru. He has expertise in a wide variety of network security appliance, software, and services markets.
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