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Fire and security equipment, services and vertical application analysis across access control, fire detection & suppression, counterterrorism, and more

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  • Jim Dearing | July 21, 2016
    Should the United Kingdom follow through with its plans to leave the European Union (EU), there could be a number of consequences that filter through to security industry stakeholders.
  • Jim Dearing, Alexander Derricott | July 12, 2016
    IP continues to have a dramatic impact on the security industry, bringing with it new products and opportunities to expand customer bases with offers of more efficient installations and hosted services... Full Content only available for subscribers.
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  • Jim Dearing | July 12, 2016
    EMEA Intruder alarm equipment sales topped $850 million in 2015 and the market’s five-year growth outlook has been revised upwards as a result of an uptick in demand for equipment in response to the influx of refugees and migrant to a number of countries within the region. Full Content only available for subscribers of IHS Technology's Intruder Alarms & Monitoring Services Intelligence Service
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Entering its second full year, the IHS access control intelligence service is taking analysis to another level. This year IHS will provide not only its primary analysis on the equipment market (readers, panels, credentials, software and electronic locks) but will also be providing additional analysis on wireless devices, open standards and protocols, project size among many other analyst insights available only to subscribers.
Advance your competitive position and invest with confidence by leveraging IHS critical insight into the changing landscape of the global explosives, weapons and contraband (EWC) market.
This Intelligence Service addresses the fire suppression and detection equipment (control panels, detectors, notification equipment, manual pull stations, gaseous suppression, sprinkler heads, water-mist systems and portable extinguishers) as well as in-depth analysis of key countries and further examination the residential fire market.
Intruder Alarms and Monitoring Services Intelligence Service provides the most comprehensive portfolio of data, analysis and market insight available for this growing market
Comprehensive coverage of the electronic physical security market including assessments and comparisons of the demand and supply side of the market


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  • Edition Year: 2016-2017
    Jim Dearing | June 07, 2016
    Since 2006 IHS has provided research and analysis for intruder alarm industry, this 7th edition of the research continues the IHS promise of providing the critical insight necessary for business executives to make informed strategic decisions.
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  • Tim Hewitt | June 02, 2016
    The aim of IHS in writing this report is to provide marketing and technical executives with an up-to-date, comprehensive assessment of the market and to forecast the impact of significant trends over the next five years.
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  • Edition Year: 2016-2017
    May 25, 2016
    The fire detection (control panels, detectors, notification equipment, manual pull stations), and suppression (gaseous suppression, sprinkler heads, water-mist systems and portable extinguishers)products report evaluates the development of key trends within the market.
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  • Edition Year: 2016-2017
    Alexander Derricott | June 07, 2016
    IHS’s Access Control Intelligence Service features the most detailed analysis available to the industry today. As an element of the Access Control Intelligence Service, this Database provides more than 200 tables and figures, 64 pages of qualitative analysis and the TRAX program.
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  • Alexander Derricott | April 28, 2016
    This report examines the current market for mobile credentials in the physical electronic access control market. The report will examine the global uptake of this credential type... .
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  • Paul Bremner | March 02, 2016
    Included in the Security Vertical Applications Intelligence Service is an index of select current and projected major construction projects. This index is updated every two months from the list of major construction projects that form part of the Executive Overview for countries analysed by IHS Country & Industry Forecasting.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Access Control & Fire
    Blake Kozak is a principal analyst with the Security and Building Technologies group within IHS. Since joining IHS in 2008, he has authored market reports on intruder alarms, electronic physical access control, access control as a service (ACaaS), perimeter security and residential security.
  • Icon Associate Director, Access Control & Fire
    Justin Siller is an associate director for the access control & fire group at IHS. Justin joined IHS in 2008 and since 2011 has managed the group with direct responsibility for setting the strategic direction of this group and managing the respective team of analysts.