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Fire and security equipment, services and vertical application analysis across access control, fire detection & suppression, counterterrorism, and more

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  • Blake Kozak | January 07, 2016
    In the most recent IHS country-level analysis for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), countries where the market for access control equipment is mature (i.e., France, United Kingdom and Germany) experienced only minor volatility in 2015.
  • Jared Bickenbach | January 06, 2016
    The installation of security screening equipment on the Thalys high-speed service between Paris and Lille in northern France on comes in the wake of the recent violence in the region, including the attacks on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the Thalys train from Oignies to Pas-de-Calais France, and the most recent attacks at the Bataclan and other locations in Paris
  • Blake Kozak | December 11, 2015
    Thanks to a lack of pressure from equipment suppliers in Asia, the access-control industry has been fortunate to maintain current pricing levels this year.
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Entering its second full year, the IHS access control intelligence service is taking analysis to another level. This year IHS will provide not only its primary analysis on the equipment market (readers, panels, credentials, software and electronic locks) but will also be providing additional analysis on wireless devices, open standards and protocols, project size among many other analyst insights available only to subscribers.
Advance your competitive position and invest with confidence by leveraging IHS critical insight into the changing landscape of the global explosives, weapons and contraband (EWC) market.
Comprehensive coverage of the electronic physical security market including assessments and comparisons of the demand and supply side of the market


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  • Blake Kozak | January 13, 2016
    Since 2012, the residential security market in North America has received unprecedented press coverage and, in the wake of this, has garnered the attention of all interested parties looking to capitalize on homeowners lacking security.
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  • Jared Bickenbach | November 25, 2015
    The report aims to provide both systems integrators and product manufacturers with an in-depth understanding of market sizes, growth forecasts, market trends, and the competitive landscape of the vehicle entrance control market.
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  • Justin Siller, Jim Dearing | October 29, 2015
    The mechanical locks report is designed to provide executives with a comprehensive deep-dive assessment of the access control industry. IHS's coverage of the access control industry dates back to 2004 and it is not secret that electronic devices are replacing mechanical systems.
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  • Blake Kozak | January 15, 2016
    IHS’s Access Control Intelligence Service features the most detailed analysis available to the industry today. As an element of the Access Control Intelligence Service, this Database provides more than 200 tables and figures, 64 pages of qualitative analysis and the TRAX program.
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  • December 21, 2015
    The deep-dive analysis for the EMEA includes more than 15 pages of qualitative analysis and 118 tables and figures specific to the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Russia.
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  • Paul Bremner | December 18, 2015
    Included in the Security Vertical Applications Intelligence Service is an index of select current and projected major construction projects. This index is updated every two months from the list of major construction projects that form part of the Executive Overview for countries analysed by IHS Country & Industry Forecasting.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Access Control & Fire
    Blake Kozak is a principal analyst with the Security and Building Technologies group within IHS. Since joining IHS in 2008, he has authored market reports on intruder alarms, electronic physical access control, access control as a service (ACaaS), perimeter security and residential security.
  • Icon Associate Director, Access Control & Fire
    Justin Siller is an associate director for the access control & fire group at IHS. Justin joined IHS in 2008 and since 2011 has managed the group with direct responsibility for setting the strategic direction of this group and managing the respective team of analysts.
  • Icon Senior Director, Access Control & Fire
    Paul is the Director for the Building Technologies research portfolio of IHS Technology. He manages a team of global analysts and has direct responsibility for setting the strategic direction of seven individual research teams and managing the respective teams of analysts.
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