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The vast majority of the installed base of access control readers, panels and electronic locks is in the form of credentials—not surprising given the requirement that each user possess a card or pass. Although making up a majority of the market, credentials growth is slowing because turnover is high, with employees moving through jobs and people misplacing credentials cards or passes.

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  • Anna Sliwon | August 01, 2017
    IHS Markit estimates that 68 million intruder alarm sensors were sold globally in 2016; of which, 41 percent were wireless. However, just 4 percent of those wireless sensors were destined for the large commercial sector. Residential and small-medium business sectors jointly accounted for the remaining 96 percent of the wireless sensor market.
  • Jim Dearing | July 17, 2017
    According to new research from IHS Markit, global PIAM market revenues, excluding Asia Pacific and Africa, amounted to just $136 million in 2016. However, this is forecast to grow rapidly to nearly $500 million by 2021.
  • Anna Sliwon | June 23, 2017
    As security monitoring providers continue to mould strategy around interactive alarm monitoring, security equipment manufacturers have had to become more nimble and pivot from traditional wall keypads to interactive touch-screen panels.


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Entering its third full year, the IHS Markit Access Control Intelligence Service is taking analysis to another level. This year IHS Markit will provide not only its primary analysis on the equipment market (readers, panels, credentials, software and electronic locks) but will also be providing additional analysis on wireless devices, open standards and protocols, project size among many other analyst insights available only to subscribers.
Intruder Alarms and Monitoring Services Intelligence Service provides the most comprehensive portfolio of data, analysis and market insight available for this growing market
Comprehensive coverage of the electronic physical security market including assessments and comparisons of the demand and supply side of the market


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  • Justin Siller | September 18, 2017
    This report aims to provide both product manufacturers and system integrators with an in-depth understanding of market sizes, growth forecasts, market trends, and the competitive landscape of this market. Detailed discussion supports the market data and forecast information across six product types, 13 end-user industries and six geographic regions.
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  • Anna Sliwon | August 23, 2017
    This 2017 study provides a comprehensive, detailed view of the North American market for intruder alarms. This is the first edition covering the North American market, and it comes as part of the series of reports by IHS Markit on the market for intrusion equipment.
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  • Josh Woodhouse | May 16, 2017
    New research on the $1bn + Global market for enterprise and IP storage used for video surveillance
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  • Edition Year: 2017-2018
    Anna Sliwon | September 18, 2017
    This 2017 study provides a comprehensive, detailed view of the world market for intruder alarms. This is the eighth edition in the series of reports by IHS Markit on the market for intrusion equipment.
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  • Edition Year: 2017-2018
    Jim Dearing | August 29, 2017
    IHS Markit’s Access Control Intelligence Service features the most detailed analysis available to the industry today. In addition to the qualitative analysis provided in our Executive Summaries, IHS Markit will also be providing detailed analyst insights on a monthly basis which will include a wide range of topics from specific end-user industries and open standards to features based on recent world events. Additionally, IHS Markit will be providing access to TRAX which allows unprecedented filtering and exporting of specific data points.
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  • Jim Dearing | August 28, 2017
    This 2017 study provides deep-dive analysis of the Americas region including qualitative and quantitative analysis specific to the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. This is the third edition of IHS Markit’s deep-dive coverage of the Americas market, and it comes as part of the series of reports by IHS Markit on the market for access control equipment.
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    Blake Kozak is a principal analyst with the Security and Building Technologies group within IHS.
  • Icon Associate Director, Access Control & Fire
    Justin Siller is an associate director for the access control & fire group at IHS. Justin joined IHS in 2008 and since 2011 has managed the group with direct responsibility for setting the strategic direction of this group and managing the respective team of analysts.
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