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Comprehensive, globally focused analysis of the growth and trends in digital signage displays, the industry and services related to professional displays and out-of-home technology.

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  • Yoke Yuin Cheong | February 22, 2016
    The advent of fine pixel pitch technology has opened up new opportunities in Indoor Applications for LED Video, making it a viable competitor to Rear Projection and LCD. In 2015, the <=1.99mm pixel pitch category grew by 279% year over year (YoY). However, will 2016 be another good year for Fine Pixel Pitch LED Video? IHS analyzes the 2016 outlook and strategies for the Fine Pixel Pitch LED Video industry.
  • Dale Ford | January 19, 2016
    The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), continues to advance its agenda to support growth and development in the technology sector. To this end, a billboard positioned in one of the main lobbies was eye catching. It announced the creation of a “State Innovation Scorecard.”
  • Ken Park | January 19, 2016
    The smart home sees a future of greater connectivity with smart devices, smart TVs, smart home appliances and digital signage sharing information with family members and providing video streaming anywhere in-home under the Smart of Things promotion at CES2016:


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Detailed databases and market insights on the multiple products, technologies, applications and companies in the digital signage and professional displays industry.
Country-level detailed databases and market insights on the multiple products, technologies, applications and companies in the digital signage and professional displays industry.


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  • Tom Morrod | February 13, 2014
    The video industry has a habit of being shaken up every few years by a new technology impacting some part of the supply chain. Recently, the roll-out of connected video devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and games consoles have done this, fuelled by video consumption over the open internet. At the other end of the spectrum, large screens have increased resolution to Ultra HD (UHD), four times that of Full HD, and OLED flexible screens will soon be enabling new form factors and possible disruptive device convergence or fragmentation.
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  • Sanju Khatri | July 27, 2016
    The Large Format Displays Sell-Through Tracker - US captures and analyzes US commercial sell-through data from both AV and IT reseller and distributor channels for large format LCD, PDP and OLED displays (26” and larger).
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  • Sanju Khatri | July 20, 2016
    The Public Displays Market Tracker - Country Level consists of a comprehensive, country level pivot database delivered on a quarterly basis. This database focuses on flat panel technologies including, LCD, PDP and OLED and contains two distinct product types, Public Display, Public Display TV and Consumer TV.
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  • Sanju Khatri | July 11, 2016
    The IHS Digital Signage Industry Market Tracker presents data devoted to the DS Monitor and DS TV markets, measuring growth rates (units, revenue, and pricing) for different display technologies, including LCD, PDP, LED Video, Front and Rear Projection, Media Players, Set-top Boxes, and PCs in eight vertical markets.
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  • Icon Analyst, Digital Signage
    Andrew Stopa is a research analyst for the digital signage and professional video research areas, based in London. He supports the research for the IHS quarterly Digital Signage Industry and Signage & Professional Displays Market Trackers.
  • Icon Director, Digital Signage and Professional Video
    Sanju has directed IHS’ worldwide research into the technologies and markets for digital signage and professional displays since 2001, becoming one of the industry’s leading authorities in the field of digital signage.
  • Icon Analyst, Digital Signage
    Tarika Bheda joined IHS in October 2012 as an analyst. She focuses on large format displays, LED video, rear projection and front projection technologies, and applications using these...

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