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The arrival of new form factors, weight efficiencies and technological advances into new application areas have equal impacts on display components and materials. Quantum dot technology, for instance, has gained greater attention as OLED is finally meeting the cost requirements provided historically by LCD.

Gain insight into the key components of the display space, including materials such as glass, film, ICs and backlights—as well as on the critical ingredients used in LCD and OLED manufacturing—with our wide-ranging research. Well-timed, critical analysis on vital market indicators like supply and demand, technology trends, value chains and cost structures is also included.

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  • Peter Su, Nick Jiang, Vicki Chen | July 17, 2019
    The 2019 Universal Display Expo (UDE 2019), co-sponsored by China Video Industry Association (CVIA) and Shanghai SciLinks Exhibition Co., Ltd.(SciLinks Exhibition), will be grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 10 to July 12, 2019.
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  • Ricky Park | June 17, 2019
    CES ASIA (Consumer Electronics Show Asia) is the premier event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing the full breadth and depth of the innovation value-chain in the Asian marketplace. This is the fourth year for this event.
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  • David Hsieh | June 17, 2019
    On 12 June 2019, Japan Display Inc. announced that its CEO will resign in September 2019, taking responsibility for five years of continuous net losses.
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  • Charles Annis, Chase Li | July 19, 2019
    ​The Equipment Design Wins Data Base tracks key equipment types, units by factory and equipment vendor. Content will be expanded over time in future updates.
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  • Jimmy Kim, Ph.D. | July 16, 2019
    Gain a reliable single source of market information on the entire range of TFT LCD backlights. The Display Backlight Market Tracker covers the entire value chain for large-sized TFT LCD backlight units (BLUs).
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  • Irene Heo | July 15, 2019
    Gain a single source of up-to-date and reliable display optical film market information. This tracker covers polarizer and backlight-related films for TFT LCDs, including PVA, production film, COP, PSA, diffuser, reflector, light guide plate, microlens film, BEF/DBEF, prism sheet and multifunctional film.
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  • Chase Li | March 26, 2019
    This presentation was delivered at the IHS Markit Display Korea Conference on March 2019 by Chase Li, Senior Research Analyst. He discussed the recent activities in China, including the latest supporting policies from the China government, technology trends in the Chinese panel makers’ segment, light diming concerns on AMOLED, and current progress in the IJP OLED industry.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Display Chemical Materials
    Richard Son is responsible for the research and analysis of the display materials market at IHS Technology. With four years of experience, he conducts an in-depth market analysis, particularly focusing on touch, mobile screen cover, and display materials.
  • Icon Director, Large Display
    Mr. Yoonsung Chung is a Senior Manager of Analysis & Research within the IHS Technology group.
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