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Comprehensive, timely information and analysis on the economics and technologies that influence consumer electronics' devices and semiconductors, with detailed research on connectivity, TV sets, set-top boxes, tablets, modems and routers.

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  • Paul Gray | April 19, 2016
    HDR is one of the key new technologies in the TV category for 2016, with a large number of product announcements at CES. Now that models are launching from nearly every major brand, there is a lot of confusion about what HDR truly stands for. The gamut of solutions and marketing messages has the potential to cause confusion among consumers, which is never a good path to successful market introduction and profitable success.
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  • Wayne Lam | April 19, 2016
    Two weeks after the US Commerce Department placed trade sanctions on ZTE over allegedly skirting US export controls laws (see US trade restrictions could be disastrous for ZTE’s smartphone business), a 3-month temporary lift of the sanction was put in place after “active” and “constructive” talks with the US government.
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  • Paul Erickson | April 14, 2016
    Roku recently launched a new version of its original Streaming Stick launched in early 2014, with updated features and a smaller form factor. The new Streaming Stick retains the same sub-$50 price point of its predecessor, but now adds a quad-core processor for increased speed and improved user experience. The new version also has reduced dimensions, thinner in both width and depth, to improve fit compatibility with TVs and installations alongside multiple HDMI devices/cables. Other general capabilities of the new Streaming Stick remain the same, such as dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi, 1080p max resolution, and full-sized remote control common to the Roku 1 and Roku 2. The new Streaming Stick adds Roku’s Private Listening capability, formerly the domain of only the higher-end Roku 3 and 4 and their accompanying headphone jack-equipped remote. Using the Roku mobile app, users are able to listen to audio during playback with either headphones or connected Bluetooth device.
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Global, in-depth coverage of the fixed-line broadband access infrastructure market, including products, operators, and vendors.
This Service (formerly called "Broadband Technology Intelligence Service") provides comprehensive time-critical information about the technical aspects of the connected home ranging from broadband access, to online video distribution and domestic hardware.
Market forecasts on wireless technology adoption, highlighting key shifts that will occur in the high-speed wireless landscape, focused on Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Classic and Smart Ready Bluetooth®.
Enables better understanding of the overall dynamics of the total consumer electronics market by providing the data and analysis required for business planning and making informed decisions.
The most comprehensive global view, with business intelligence data and market insights, on home appliances industry and its associated electronics content and semiconductor market
Home Networks Intelligence focuses on the ecosystem of IP devices in the home, connectivity within the home and devices on the network including smart home automation devices, smart home appliances and consumer electronics.
A trusted source of global market data & analysis for the television technology ecosystem.
IHS Tablet and Notebook PC Intelligence Service offers reporting on data and extensive analysis of the trends driving today’s Tablet and Notebook PC device market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today’s mobile PC market at a global, regional, and country level.
The IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.
IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service - Premium offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.


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  • Bluetooth Expands into the Internet of Things
    Christian Kim | April 28, 2016
    This report is part of a series of Insight Reports produced by the Connectivity & IoT Group at IHS. These dedicated studies are designed to complement the group’s already extensive research portfolio by providing in-depth analysis on the uptake of wireless technology in specific vertical markets, regions and applications.
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  • Icon Tim Westcott | April 08, 2016 Subscribers Only
  • Dinesh Kithany | March 28, 2016
    This topline report covers latest market data, trends, insights and analysis on the global major home appliance market, its devices, electronic components, technology segments and semiconductor content. ...
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  • Analyst photo placeholder Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices & Professional Video
    Andrew joined IHS in February 2008 and works as a senior analyst researching professional video technology. He has co-authored a major report on the global broadcast and media technology industry for the IABM and has worked on many bespoke consultancy projects covering broadcast and media technology all over the world.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Mobile Devices & Mobile Media
    Jusy Hong is responsible for mobile device, networks and media in the Asia Pacific. He covers mobile handset shipment, production, technology, & media trends as well as companies' strategies.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices
    Kathleen Zhang is responsible for research in the Chinese and Taiwanese TV markets and vendors, including creating and implementing industry surveys, market sizing and forecasting and evaluating the impact of broad market factors on television demands.

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