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The influence of electronics on the daily lives of people around the world continues to expand. From smartphones to televisions to refrigerators, consumer devices keep defying traditional categorization as they become smarter and greener.

Stay on top of the dynamic, global consumer electronics market with our comprehensive, timely information and analysis on connectivity, TV sets, set-top boxes, tablets, modems, routers and accompanying semiconductor content.

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  • Merrick Kingston | May 02, 2018
    Subsequent to a lengthy review of its Service Provider video business, Cisco is divesting its Service Provider Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) segment. Private equity firm Permira will acquire Cisco’s video security, video experience, and video processing assets. While neither the name of the new entity, nor the value of transaction has been disclosed, it is known that Abraham Peled – NDS’ former CEO and Chairman – will reclaim his role as Chairman of the new company. Subject to regulatory approval, Cisco anticipates that the sale will complete by the end of October 2018, or within Q1 of Cisco’s 2019 financial year.
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  • Paul Gagnon, Paul Gray | April 25, 2018
    After a weak launch in 2017, Amazon has struck a deal with Best Buy to relaunch the Fire TV platform. Starting summer 2018, Best Buy will start selling Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, which will also be available on with Best Buy as a third party seller. This has several implications for the smart TV space, but especially for companies like Roku because Insignia was previously using the Roku TV platform and was one of the larger partners last year. For Amazon, it also represents a recognition that the brick and mortar space is still very important for some categories where consumers still prefer to "kick the tires" before purchasing.
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  • Paul Gagnon, Deborah Yang | April 06, 2018
    On April 4th, the US Office of the Trade Representative published a list of 1,300 products that could be subjected to an additional 25% import tariff if coming from China. Flat panel TVs are included on this list, and given the very low margins on the bulk of entry level TVs, and the fact that many of the smaller in mid-sized TVs are imported fully assembled from China, it could have a very big impact on the entire TV market. The attached report breaks down the details of the possible tariff, and the impacts on the supply chain, as well as possible reactions. Of course, it is important to note that this list of products is under a 60 day review process, and we expect heavy lobbying on the part of manufacturers and trade organizations. The outcome or final list could change before the end of May.
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Subscription Services

Extensive research on the fixed-line broadband access infrastructure market, including products, operators and vendors. Coverage includes broadband aggregation equipment and components, cable broadband hardware, hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) optical nodes and more.
Broadcast & Internet Video Software, Security & Analytics allows vendors, media companies, institutional investors, and strategic investors to benchmark competitor activity, track the flow capital in the market, and understand where value-creation is taking place across front-end and UX-related technologies.
IHS Markit Connected Devices & Media Consumption Intelligence Service - Premium combines key addressable market information with in-depth consumer survey data and analysis to provide unparalleled coverage of connected devices and media consumption.
This Service (formerly called "Broadband Technology Intelligence Service") provides time-critical information on the technical aspects of the connected home, ranging from broadband access to online video distribution and domestic hardware.
Dynamic coverage of the global consumer electronics space. Includes up-to-date market data, forecasts, and insights for home entertainment devices (games consoles, set-top boxes, TVs), mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and home appliances (air conditioners and washing machines).
Detalled look into connectivity technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, FM and Ethernet. The expanding world of connected devices is more diverse as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate multiple connectivity technologies in a widening range of consumer and enterprise devices alike.
The most comprehensive global view, with in-depth business intelligence data and market insights, on the home appliances industry as well as its associated electronics content and semiconductor market.
Focused research on the global home networks ecosystem and connectivity within the home for both service provider and retail market segments. Covers cable, DSL, FTTH, and Fixed LTE consumer premise equipment (CPE), with regional and country level data, as well as Wi-Fi, voice, and different access technologies.
Extensive, continually updated reportage on the global set-top box ecosystem, spanning 80+ countries and driven by an experienced team of analysts that monitors and analyzes technology developments in satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT, and terrestrial networks.
Critical analysis of today’s market for tablet devices and their ecosystem. Includes full data on key market metrics such as installed base, shipments, and sales (globally and regionally), as well as expert analysis of the latest product releases and trends.
The IHS Markit TV Sets Intelligence Service offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.
IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service - Premium offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.


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  • From Music to the Smart Home
    Paul Erickson | May 17, 2018
    The standalone powered speaker has gone through several evolutions, and up until recently, Wi-Fi multi-room speakers were the most advanced example of the product category for consumers. As the smart home market continues to evolve and coalesce around standards and ecosystems, and as ecosystem owners compete for a foothold in the connected home, the Smart Speaker was born.
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  • Icon Tim Westcott | May 04, 2018
    The Media & Technology Digest provides a monthly analysis of the key trends and innovations shaping the global technology landscape. Written by our senior analysts the digest includes a detailed focus on key industry hot topics, analysis of all major industry and product announcements with in-depth examinations of significant industry trends.
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  • Merrick Kingston, Cecilia Zhu | April 20, 2018
    This market monitor provides in-depth insight into the market for set-top box middleware, UX software, and operating systems. Its comprehensive written analysis serves to draw attention to the industry's most important trends and competitive dynamics.
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  • Jeff Lin | May 18, 2018
    The Desktop Monitor Market Tracker is a single, comprehensive resource that provides indispensable coverage of CRT, LCD, All-in-One and AMOLED desktop monitor markets and supply chain. Backed by a global team of analysts it offers the most detailed, reliable coverage in the industry.
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  • Dinesh Kithany | May 18, 2018
    This pivot-table-based dataset worksheet regroups the core dataset of home appliance’s covering more than 40 type of home appliances categorized under major, small home and personal care sectors, currently spanning 23 countries/sub-regions covered in the intelligence service.
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  • Dinesh Kithany | May 18, 2018
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  • Analyst photo placeholder Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Provider Technology
    Mr. Andrew Young, an associate director at IHS Markit, is responsible for researching professional video technology.
  • Icon Research and Analysis Director, Smartphone
    Jusy Hong is responsible for mobile device, networks and media in the Asia Pacific. He covers mobile handset shipment, production, technology, & media trends as well as companies' strategies.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices
    Kathleen Zhang is responsible for research in the Chinese and Taiwanese TV markets and vendors, including creating and implementing industry surveys, market sizing and forecasting and evaluating the impact of broad market factors on television demands.

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