James Joiner

James Joiner

Mr. James Joiner, senior research analyst at IHS Markit, covers telecom operator strategies in Western Europe.

James’s key research areas include multiplay strategies, data monetization, MVNO strategies and M&A.

Prior to joining IHS Markit, James worked as a market intelligence analyst on the strategy development and planning team at Vodafone UK. In this role, he supported a number of strategic projects and provided insights on Vodafone’s competitors to inform consumer business unit decision-making and trading reviews. Previously, James participated in the Graduate Programme at Vodafone UK and completed placements in Vodafone’s marketing, finance and customer experience departments.

James holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Nottingham, UK.

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Italian mobile operators respond to Iliad threat

Iliad entered the Italian mobile market on 29 May 2018, as part of the remedy package that mandated the merger between Wind and Tre, which was announced in 2016. Within 50 days, it accumulated one million mobile subscribers, which is equivalent to 1.2% of total mobile subscribers in Italy. In a market where over three-quarters of mobile subscribers are on prepaid tariffs without contracted terms, Italian incumbent mobile operators must react quickly to combat the Iliad threat.

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Mobile & Telecom
Service Provider, Capex, Opex, Revenue & Subscribers Database

This database contains an aggregated operator view of subscriber information including splits by technology for mobile generation, broadband technology and fixed voice, with data on VoIP where available.

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Multiplay Subscribers Database - Country

This database includes information on the mobile, fixed voice, broadband and pay TV markets at a country level and is designed to enable comparisons between countries. This includes subscribers, with breakdowns by technology (broadband and mobile), fixed broadband speed and mobile SIMs by contract type (prepay / postpay).

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