Robert Braverman

Robert Braverman is a Senior Director for Commercial Product Management at IHS. He is responsible for the strategic advisory, consulting, and financial services offerings from the IHS Technology group inside of IHS. Prior to IHS’ acquisition of iSuppli, Robert served as Vice President of Sales for the Europe, Middle East and Africa geography. He was responsible for all iSuppli products and services sold directly or through iSuppli representatives in the region. He had also been responsible for iSuppli sales in the Western US. Robert developed a robust business for iSuppli and was responsible for a number of the company’s Tier-1 accounts in both the OEM and semiconductor sectors.

Robert is a twenty-five year veteran in the high technology industry. Robert has spent ten years at Apple Computer, six years at Avnet, Inc. and six years in the software and professional services industry. Robert brings a diverse background and skills portfolio to IHS. Roles at these companies have spanned from software development, reseller and major account sales, higher education sales, Regional Sales Director, to Business Development Vice President.

Robert holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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Beyond LTE: Advancing to 5G Wireless Technology

Not long ago cellular enabled devices were used simply for humans to verbally communicate with one another, with telephone calls being the only viable option. Over the past two decades mobile broadband internet...

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Carrier Aggregation:  Nowhere to Go but Up!
Carrier Aggregation: Nowhere to Go but Up!

Up until now, this series has focused primarily on the downlink side of carrier aggregation (CA) as we explored what CA is, how it is currently deployed and what is available now. The downlink side is also how the industry has...

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Carrier Aggregation: Adoption Running on all Cylinders

As mentioned in the previous article in this series, there are multiple levels of carrier aggregation or CA which enable different categories of LTE user equipment (UE) capability. Typically, the higher the level of CA...

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Mobile, Consumer & Connected Devices Semiconductors Mobile & Telecom
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