Wayne Lam

Wayne Lam

Wayne Lam is principal analyst within the wireless communications team and is responsible for research related to the market tracking, forecast and supply chain analysis of mobilized devices.

Prior to joining the wireless group, Wayne served as a hardware analyst within the renowned IHS Teardown Services team, focusing on mobile handset designs. Wayne began his career as a process engineer at Intel Corp., starting with the 0.25um process technology through to the 300mm wafer manufacturing transition. He later took on the role of technical consultant at Symbian Inc., pioneering there in the smartphone operating systems space with leading handset OEMs.

More recently, Wayne has worked with firms like Qualcomm and Aerovironment in developing new business models and opportunities after graduating from business school. His research has been featured in various articles in major newspapers and magazines, such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, and The Economist.

Wayne graduated with an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (USC). He also earned two engineering degrees from Cornell University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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射频前端: 高端智能手机的无名英雄

从最早主要用于通话和短信的功能机,到下载速度快于很多家庭网络连接的智能手机,射频(RF)前端是一 直以来被忽视的一个部分。如今,大多智能手机用户甚至都不知射频前端为何物,但它仍然是手机设计自问世以来最重要的一个环节。射频前端(RFFE)...

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The RF front-end: Unsung Hero of the Premium Smartphone
The RF front-end: Unsung Hero of the Premium Smartphone

From the earliest days of the feature phone market where devices were used mostly for talk and text to the smartphones capable of download speeds faster than many home Internet connections, there has been one constant...

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