Lee Ratliff

Lee Ratliff

Lee Ratliff is a connectivity and communications analyst responsible for directing IHS coverage of low-power wireless, broadband, and home networking semiconductors and technologies. His coverage is focused on examining what opportunities will emerge as data connectivity reaches the most isolated applications and unlocks captive value.

Before coming to IHS as an analyst, Lee spent his career in the semiconductor industry in roles ranging from hardware and software design to product marketing and account management. At Texas Instruments, Lee specialized in connectivity technologies such as FireWire, USB, HDMI, UWB, and others. He has extensive knowledge in semiconductor design, fabrication and operations; as well as all phases of product development and the dynamics of markets driven by consumers and service providers.

Lee graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

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Medical IoT Market Brief - 2018

This Medical IoT Market Brief has been developed by a team of analysts specializing in medical devices and healthcare IT, connectivity and IoT and business models.

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Sigfox clarifies network connections, amid speculation about the company’s future prospects

In a blog post on May 7, 2018, Sigfox, a private startup internet of things (IoT) service provider, disclosed it had more than 3 million nodes connected to its network. This disclosure, along with a February press release announcing 2.5 million connected nodes, seems to signal a new level of transparency from the company. Sigfox had previously implied the total number of connections could be as high as 10 million nodes.

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Enterprise & IT
Low Power Wireless Market Tracker - Q1 2018

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Enterprise & IT Semiconductors
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