Medical imaging: Trends, challenges, and prospects

Medical imaging: Trends, challenges, and prospects

This whitepaper by IHS Markit | Technology brings together a series of articles focused on medical imaging, touching on current trends, challenges, and prospects that the field faces in its noninvasive work to visually represent the interior of the human body for clinical analysis and medical intervention.

Incorporating a broad spectrum of topics such as magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography, ultrasound, interventional and mobile C-arm X-ray, and mammography X-ray, the research here provides important perspectives as well on how new technologies like artificial intelligence and deep learning are set to transform the diagnostic process while boosting operational efficiency in the enterprise management of imaging.

Contents include:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Demand for 3.0T vs. 1.5T equipment
  • Computerized tomography: expanding clinical reach through preventative screening
  • Ultrasound: Point-of-care ultrasound as an important diagnostic tool in unconventional settings
  • Mammography X-ray: powering via artificial intelligence
  • Interventional X-ray and Mobile C-arm X-ray equipment: demand unchanged
  • General radiography X-ray market: Digital mobile X-ray market is on the move

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IHS Markit medical imaging research

Since 2005 we have been tracking the development of the global medical imaging market, providing high quality, end-to-end global data and analysis on the full spectrum of medical imaging equipment and technological advances within the industry, annually interviewing over 175 medical imaging companies to provide a clear picture of the global medical imaging marketplace.

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