Operator Strategy Evolution for a 5G World

June 06, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Seth Wallis-Jones Seth Wallis-Jones Principal Analyst, Telecommunications, IHS Markit
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While 5G will ultimately deliver a wide range of new services, operators will continue to leverage similar strategies to those that have been seen in the development of the market using 4G/LTE. These will encompass fixed and wireless convergence covering network, content and services, competing against fixed line broadband, sharing infrastructure and tapping into new wholesale/retail models. With direct consolidation often resisted by regulators, merger and acquisition activity will seek to embrace operators’ adjacent markets where this looks to be a more valuable approach than developing lighter and more ephemeral partnerships. Some dimensions will change, with the variation a result of the type of content and services optimized for 5G. The most disruptive innovation will only occur later, utilising the advanced capabilities of more developed 5G networks to significant effect in both consumer and industrial segments.

In this report:

  • 5G: the reality so far
  • Early launch details
  • Overview of early launch experiences
  • 5G: Impact on operator strategies
  • Convergence: Content synergies
  • Leveraging content to drive revenue
  • Convergence: Network synergies
  • 5G as a wireless last mile alternative
  • Infrastructure sharing
  • Network slicing: What else can operators do with that?
  • What does 5G mean for mergers and acquisitions?
  • 5G and traditional channels to market: Is there a need to partner for content?
  • Conclusion

List of tables and charts:

  • Service provider survey 2018: 5G Upgrade drivers
  • Early 5G launches
  • Korean tariff comparisons (6 tables)
  • Leveraging mobile video - strategies for operators
  • Operator positioning in the cloud gaming value chain
  • Examples of operator strategies for video
  • Prepay percentage by region

Number of pages: 17

Number of tables and charts: 12


Seth Wallis-Jones

Principal Analyst, Telecommunications, IHS Markit

Seth Wallis-Jones, a principal research analyst at IHS Markit, covers operator strategies for the Service Providers & Platforms team

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