Cinema Industry Dynamics Report - China - H1 2018

October 10, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Xin Zhang Xin Zhang Senior Research Analyst, Cinema, IHS Markit
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This is a semi-annual report on the cinema industry in China aimed at giving subscribers to Cinema Intelligence access to the latest data and thoughts on key trends.


  • Box office in China reached RMB32 billion in H1 2018, up 18% from H1 2017
  • 733 new cinemas with a total of 4,847 screens were added in H1 2018, maintaining the high pace of screen growth of previous years.
  • High quality local titles leading the market in H1 2018
  • Online ticketing:  growing fast driven by low price
  • Imported films in China: Foreign films exceed the quota
  • China has half of the world’s 3D Screens
  • China has the most Premium Large Format (PLF) screens in the world
  • China is ahead in RGB laser projector installation
  • Screen Density: catch up but still room for growth

In this report:

  • Cinema industry, online ticketing, Tiering system, screens, box office, film quota, cinema investors, distributors, PLF, Laser, 3D. 

List of tables and charts:

  • China: quarterly box office revenue (RMB million)
  • China: quarterly admissions (000s)
  • China: screen growth
  • H1 2018 Top 10 Films
  • The Tiering system of Chinese cities
  • Box office by Tiers
  • H1 2018: Tiers by multi-metrics
  • Online ticketing %
  • Q4 2017 box office market share by ticketing platforms
  • China: Top 10 exhibitors by screens
  • Top 10 Exhibitors in China by box office
  • Key Cinema Investors in China 2017
  • Imported films in China
  • China: d-cinema screens by quarter
  • 2017 Market share of PLF brands in China %
  • 2017 Market share of RGB Laser brands in China %
  • Top 10 countries by box office 2017 ($ million)
  • Top 10 countries by screens 2017
  • China: screen growth with forecast
  • Screen Density: catch up but still room for growth
  • China: box office with forecast (RMB million)
  • China: admissions with forecast (000s)

Xin Zhang

Senior Research Analyst, Cinema, IHS Markit

Ms. Xin Zhang is a senior research analyst for Cinema at IHS Markit.

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