Smart Cities Physical Infrastructure Vertical Application Report - 2018

June 21, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Noman Akhtar Noman Akhtar Analyst, Smart Cities
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Smart city is a young fragmented market with many different types of projects working together to tackle common problem within a locality or a city. Many challenges still ahead need to be resolved to unleash full potential of a smart city. New developments in technologies change the way we think and play a major part in the implementation of a smarter ecosystem. IHS Markit defines a ‘smart city project’ as one that uses smart city devices as part of an integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) system to monitor, measure, and manage key city functions to create safer and more sustainable cities. This topical report focuses on the physical infrastructure of the smart city and talks about the importance of upgrading legacy structures and the devices that are required for this process.

Noman Akhtar

Analyst, Smart Cities

Noman Akhtar has a deep technical knowledge of components building up the smart city platform. As the lead analyst for smart cities at IHS Markit, Noman supervises the Smart City IoT Intelligence Service. He has developed a comprehensive understanding of multiple smart city verticals by regions and project partners.

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