PV Module Advanced Technologies Report - 2018

Half-Cell, Shingle and Bifacial Modules

April 23, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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This report analyses the current situation and future outlook of advanced PV module technologies such as Half-Cell, Shingle and Bifacial modules, which have been successfully ramped up to mass production levels. It provides historical data from 2017 and forecast data per technology type for the 2017–2021 period.

Karl Melkonyan

Senior Analyst, Solar Demand

Karl Melkonyan specializes in market research and analysis for power & energy. His responsibilities include primary and secondary research of photovoltaic markets and solar companies...

Edurne Zoco

Research Director, Solar & Energy Storage

Edurne Zoco is a Research Director, Solar & Energy Storage at IHS Markit, leading upstream research and analysis.

Jessica Jin

Senior Analyst, Solar Supply Chain

Jessica Jin is a senior analyst based in IHS power & energy group in China and is focused on expanding the company's comprehensive research in this important market. Before joining IHS PV Group...

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