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Building Automation and Smart Cities
Amazon solidifies its smart speaker portfolio with Alexa for Hospitality
Bryan Montany

On June 19, 2018, Amazon announced Alexa for Hospitality, a new version of its Alexa voice assistant, tailored and optimized to support unique interactions with hotel guests...
  Siemens expands its smart buildings presence through its acquisition of Building Robotics
Bryan Montany

On June 26th, 2018, Siemens Building Technologies Division announced its intention to acquire Building Robotics Inc., a vendor responsible for the smart workplace application, Comfy...
  IBCon to Showcase the Age of Acceleration for Smart Building Projects
Bryan Montany

IBCon is a leading forum on the next generation of intelligent, connected, and open architected buildings. This year’s theme for the conference identifies 2018 as the beginning of a new...
More than 900,000 smart speakers to be used in healthcare facilities by 2021
Bryan Montany

Over the next five years, a majority of smart speakers will be sold to residential end-users, and penetration rates of smart speakers in commercial buildings are not anticipated to...
  The world market for city surveillance equipment exceeded $3 billion in 2017
Jacky Zhang

State capitals and major cities have been a sustainable growth engine for the rapid development of the city surveillance market in recent years...
  Building Automation Equipment - Visuals
Bryan Montany

Building automation equipment encompasses the sensors, controllers, actuators and gateways installed in systems that centralize and manage a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems...
IHS Markit reveals the top four Smart Cities predictions for 2018 and beyond 

The smart city market will accelerate in 2018 with smart city device shipments eventually surpassing 2 billion by 2030. Between September 20016 and September 2017...
  The future of building automation analytics: The cloud, the edge, or both?
Bryan Montany

Sensors in BA systems that monitor and manage the operation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) products are capturing more complex data...
  Advanced Analytics in Building Automation Systems and Smart Buildings
Bryan Montany

In 2017, global building automation equipment revenue totaled $5.4 billion, growing 3.8 percent from the previous year..
Lighting trends for 2018
Paul Bremner

The lighting industry has seen a rapid shift in the past five years as the industry has moved to adopt light emitting diode (LED) products. This shift has bought...


Smart Home
Smart Home Companies Diversifying
Blake Kozak

In the most recent competitor database, smart home companies were analyzed across several factors including the number of connected consumer devices by segment (climate control, energy & water, lighting, security and consumer electronics)...
  Amazon Fire TV Cube: The latest in the wave of TV-connected smart speakers
Paul Erickson

Amazon announced its newest member of the Echo smart speaker line on June 7, the Fire TV Cube. Combining Echo smart speaker functionality, a new 8-mic far-field voice recognition array...
  Sonos' New Beam Soundbar: Part of the New Smart Soundbar Category
Paul Erickson

On June 6th, Sonos launched its new $399 Beam soundbar, a combination Sonos connected speaker, assistant-agnostic smart speaker, and home theater soundbar...
Smart home technology claims the insurance industry
Blake Kozak

For smart home technology to reach the projected global household penetration rate of 7.5% in 2022, all use cases must be called upon, which includes insurance companies...
  New IKEA smart lighting challenges Philips Hue
Paul Bremmer

IKEA has added a color-changing bulb to its smart lighting line, Trådfri. This addition is currently being sold as part of a dimming kit, which contains a bulb...
  Analytics and ecosystems inspire smarter homes at CES 2018
Blake Kozak

Although smart speakers and digital assistants were featured at nearly every booth at CES 2018, one of the big takeaways from the conference was the amount of...
Amazon acquires Ring — implications for the smart home
Blake Kozak

This acquisition by Amazon makes it the second-largest smart home device company in the Americas region, second only to Nest...
  Smart Home Trends to Watch 
Blake Kozak

The global smart home market is expected to increase by nearly 250% in terms of unit shipments from 2017 to 2019. This significant increase will be the result of manufacturers...
  A Year of Transformation: What to expect from CES 2018
Tom Morrod, Dinesh Kithany

There are a few trends that we can expect to see across a wide range of technology segments emerging in 2018, however these will also...
Lighting brightens smart home future in Europe
Blake Kozak

Although motion sensors and door/window contacts are necessary for automation and security purposes, security sensors have not been the primary driver thus far in Europe. Instead, energy control devices, such as...



Fire detection and suppression equipment market to reach $179 million globally in 2022
Robert Brooks

As data center construction continues to mount due to increasing demand from the Internet of Things (IoT), data center architecture is evolving. For example...
  Voice-operated alarm systems expected to grow at a 7 percent CAGR through 2022
Anna Sliwon

Home assistants developed by Amazon, Google and others are changing how consumers interact with connected home devices, including intruder alarms. More alarm systems now offer...
  Turbulence hits the $12.5 billion alarm monitoring market
Blake Kozak

Despite the increased pressure from do-it-yourself (DIY) systems, the professional alarm-monitoring market is expected to thrive over the next five years...
Amazon is mobilizing against the security industry
Blake Kozak

Amazon has been offering security packages to select cities and states in the United States since around December 2017, albeit somewhat under the radar...
  Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) invigorates traditional security providers
Anna Sliwon

Access control as a service market revenues are forecast to grow at nearly triple the rate of the traditional access control equipment market over the next five years...
  MONI rebrands to BRINKS
Anna Sliwon

Even though the purchasing of intruder alarm systems and smart security systems is increasingly a lifestyle-related choice, rather than based purely on the security and safety needs...
School security systems industry - US market overview
Jim Dearing

With the growing number of schools in the United States with video surveillance, electronic access control and other traditional security systems...
  Do it yourself (DIY) installed alarms and “pay as you go” professional monitoring solutions
Anna Sliwon

The year of 2017 saw new players from the technology space increase their share of the intrusion market with DIY offerings, as well as a greater number of...
  Access Control –The Rise of the IT Department and Integration with Identity Management
Jim Dearing

Convergence has been a continual trend in the security industry for over a decade. It began with simple integrations of similar types of security equipment...
Outlook for the Garage Door Operators Market in North America Is
Robert Brooks

In North America, garage door operator revenue totaled $658.4 million in 2016. Through our forecasted period, we expect the residential segment to grow...
  Consumer Video Surveillance – Content Analysis and Data Analytics
Jim Dearing

A variety of new analytical functions are being developed and applied to video surveillance. The majority of these new analytical functions continue to...

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