Broadcast & Internet Video Software, Security and Analytics Market Monitor - H1 2017

December 12, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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The broadcast & internet video software, security and analytics market monitor provides a high level overview of the video software market value and major trends across various technology segments and regions.


  • The broadcast and internet video software market is driven primarily by the need to monetize video services more effectively, and do so by leveraging a range of advanced user-experience (UX)  technologies.
  • Globally, content security accounts for 40% of broadcast and internet video software spend. Content security will remain the largest segment throughout the forecast period, although its share of global revenue will drop to 34% by 2021. STB software was the industry's second largest segment in 2016, and captured 16.3% of spend. By year-end 2017, the segment will fall to fourth place. Monetization solutions' value will overtake the OVP segment's value by year-end 2017, and will become the industry's second largest segment. The segment's growth will derive directly from AdTech, data, and digital marketing related opportunities.

In this report: 

  • Historic, current and forecast global market value by region (2012-2021)
  • Historic, current and forecast global market value by technology segment (2012-2021)
  • Vendor market share overview H1 2017 vs H2 2016
  • Segment performance: Content discovery revenues accrue overwhelmingly in NAM, EMEA
  • Segment performance: The content metadata market continues to consolidate
  • Segment performance: Content security spend will contract by one percent in 2017
  • Segment performance: Data-driven marketing will lead to double digit DMP growth
  • Segment performance: Second screen app services continue to grow across all regions
  • Segment performance: STB software value falls victim to middleware commoditization
  • Segment performance: The Cloud DVR market is still in its infancy, but is poised to grow
  • Segment performance: The OVP segment continues to grow, but faces some headwind

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Number of Tables and Charts: 31 

Cecilia Zhu

Research Analyst, Service Provider Technology

Ms. Cecilia Zhu, research analyst at IHS Markit, contributes to analysis of video technology, video software security and analytics markets.

Merrick Kingston

Associate Director, Research & Analysis, Digital Media & Video Technology

Mr. Merrick Kingston is an associate director at IHS Markit, and engages in a broad spectrum of digital media and video technology research.

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