Blockchain opportunities in TMT

December 08, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology which is used to record various types of transactions. As the underlying technology enabling Bitcoin, blockchain is currently being considered for a wide range of applications across many vertical markets, such as telecoms, music, games and advertising.


  • What is blockchain?
  • Operator and platform blockchain investments and activities
  • Other blockchain TMT use cases
  • Blockchain challenges and strategies

In this report:

  • What is blockchain?
  • Blockchain use cases for various industries
  • Blockchain attracts significant funding from venture capital firms
  • Blockchain/Bitcoin funding deals historical 2011-2016
  • Mobile operators aim to capitalize early on blockchain activity
  • How can operators play a role?
  • Mobile operators aim to capitalize early on blockchain activity
  • Big technology platforms have a diverse range of blockchain related investments and activities
  • Enterprise, consumer, media and commerce companies all make blockchain investments
  • Music: licensing and payments
  • Advertising: using blockchain to improve transparency, measurement and attribution
  • Games: digital content market places and P2P communities
  • Consumer Electronics: Supply Chain & Inventory Management
  • Blockchain is increasingly penetrating the financial services industry
  • Despite its clear promise, blockchain technology is not a panacea
  • – existing solutions may still be best
  • Is blockchain the answer for your business? 

 List of tables and charts:

  • Select blockchain/bitcoin funding by company 2015-2017 ($m)
  • Blockchain/Bitcoin funding deals by country (5 deals or more) 2011-2016
  • Blockchain/Bitcoin funding deals historical 2011-2016

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Number of Tables and Charts: 3

Ruomeng Wang

Research & Analysis Manager, Security - Fintech & Blockchain

Ms. Ruomeng Wang, senior analyst at IHS Markit, focuses on fintech and blockchain research.

Jack Kent

Director, Media and Advertising

Jack Kent leads IHS Markit’s Media and Advertising research, heading up a team of analysts covering Games, Cinema, TV Channels & Programming, Home Entertainment and Advertising research.

Dinesh Kithany

Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power & Power Supply, IHS Markit

Dinesh Kithany is a senior principal analyst working in Smart Building, Home and Cities Technology team at IHS Markit in the UK.

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