Operator IoT Business Models Report - 2017

November 30, 2017  | Subscribers Only

Julian Watson Julian Watson Senior Principal Analyst, IoT
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The introduction of technologies optimized for massive IoT uses case (NB-IoT and LTE-M in particular), is driving increasing operator focus on IoT. These technologies are only a part of the IoT story for operators, which have opportunities across many verticals but face challenges in several areas, such as competition from alternative operators and diversifying their revenues beyond connectivity.

This report, Operator IoT Business Models, is based on interviews with operators and other players in the IoT value chain as well as secondary research into operators’ IoT services and strategies. It assesses the following areas.

  • The current position of telecoms operators (also referred to as mobile network operators or MNOs) in the IoT space.
  • The impact of new technologies optimized for massive IoT use cases.
  • The competitive landscape and the challenges operators face in monetizing IoT. 
  • Opportunities for operators across 11 applications areas.
  • Operator efforts to diversify beyond connectivity.
  • Strategic IoT initiatives, outlined in Operator Briefs, in the areas of connecting the car, building IoT ecosystems, platform monetization and diversification through acquisition.

Julian Watson

Senior Principal Analyst, IoT

Julian Watson is the senior principal analyst of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity research at IHS Markit. He is responsible for analyzing IoT technologies, applications and business models.

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